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Guestblog: Why We Are Screwed by Tim Lenox

Guestblog by Connecticut resident and activist Tim Lenox. The Middletown Insider publishes guestblogs as a courtesy to readers, opinions expressed may not be that of the Insider staff.

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Welcome back Tim!
Why We Are Screwed
By Tim Lenox, RUV
First a little history reminder --- Remember Black Hawk Down ???
Many will try to remember when that movie came out but I am talking about the actual event.  It is a sad thing but when movies come out that are “based on actual events” people who see them believe that the movie made is what really happened and any news stories covering the events are just movie reviews.  Reality TV is thought to be Reality and Movies are what people remember as History.  Then parents wonder why their children seem so “Clueless” (that was a movie too).
I leave it up to those who know how to do research to actually do some of it and I will focus on the most important points.
Bill Clinton was President, Wesley Clark was Supreme Commander of NATO (to hear him talk) and they ordered the US military to do something Veterans everywhere will consider anathema --- Leave soldiers behind …
As bodies of fallen US soldiers were dragged through streets and desecrated, President Clinton wrung his hands and Osama Bin Laden told all his friends that America was a “Paper Tiger”.  Paper Tiger was a termed first coined by Japanese Military Advisors to their Emperor when describing how America looked tough on paper but was too fearful of “World Public Opinion” to actually do anything but roar loudly.  “All Bark and No Bite” is another version of that saying.
The point is that a publicly weak America invites attack.  Terrorists had Declared War on the United States and the Clinton Administration (along with all other democrats) saw every terror attack as a crime to be solved the way it is on TV.  Series such as Law and Order, CSI, and NCIS have shown how Lawyers and Police can bring everyone to Justice.  The long list of victims just makes for better television ratings.
Every Terror attack was treated like a crime committed by isolated criminals who have to be found and brought to justice through the use of expensive forensics and courtroom drama.  This is how the War on Terror was fought and would have been fought if Al Gore had been elected instead of George W Bush.
It is also how it is being fought now.  Terrorism is not even acknowledged.  Even Major Nidal Hassan confessing to a Terror Attack against the US Military and begging for execution will not stop a Democratic Administration from referring to that attack as “Workplace Violence”.  Osama Bin Laden is dead and therefore the War on Terror is over.  (… and … scene)
So now we have the issue of Syria and the “Red Line” which has been crossed a year to the day after that “Red Line” had been publicly drawn.  Weapons of Mass Destruction have been used.  The President is preparing to attack a Sovereign Nation and take a side in a Civil War.  This is why Republican Presidents such as Richard Nixon are publicly denounced as warmongers.
The denouncers conveniently ignore the fact that it was Presidents Kennedy and Johnson who got us involved in that war because it was easier to hate and blame Nixon.  They also ignore the fact that the US Military won that war only to have the Democrats in Congress surrender it.
They used the same propaganda tactics to make it look like “Bush Lied” about Weapons of Mass Destruction even after it was determined that Saddam Hussein’s weapons had been shipped to Syria.  Now that those exact same WMDs that Bush was accused of lying about have been used by the Syrian Government against the Syrian people, those same denouncers are silent.
Did you catch that?  Saddam Hussein’s Chemical Weapons that Bush’s Denouncers claim did not exist are now being used by the Syrian Government as justification for US Involvement and Bush’s Denouncers are saying … what ???
I shall leave the rest of the comparisons to those who are making them and instead ask you all to focus on exactly why we are screwed no matter what happens.
If President Obama orders any attack then Governments around the world will see a repeat of the Vietnam War started by the Kennedy/Johnson administration and know that America will surrender and retreat just as during the Clinton Administration.  
Even if a Republican is elected in 2016, the War will be propagandized by the Liberal Media and surrendered by Congressional Democrats.  Maybe they can even get Jane Fonda to pose on another Anti-Aircraft Artillery gun just after it shoots down a US plane.  Hollywood will make another movie and the American people will blame the Republicans.
If President Obama does nothing after his “Red Line” has been crossed, then ALL of the other nations in the world will once again see America as a “Paper Tiger”.  The enemies of America will be planning the next attack on American soil.
They will be praising Allah (or whatever name they call their view of God) that this is only the start of Obama’s second term.
They will be hoping to launch that attack while he is still in office.
They will be praying that his successor will be another Democrat who sees War as criminal activity to be solved through diplomacy and court systems.
What they will not be doing is taking anything any American says seriously.
Remember, this is what you voted for … What? … You didn’t vote for this? … Well … Somebody did and it wasn’t me !!!
---Tim Lenox, RUV (Registered Unaffiliated Voter)


  1. The term paper tiger was not coined by the Japanese, and it was first used in China hundreds of years before World War II. The idea that the Japanese Military advisors felt that America was too afraid of world public opinion is equally wrong. The reluctance to get involved in WWII was due to the fact that many, perhaps most, Americans did not want to get involved in Europe's problems. Remember the phrase "Isolationism"? Prior to World War II America was not a significant world power, and the idea of world public opinion didn't exist. Seriously, where do you get this crap and why do you waste your time posting when you have no idea what you are talking about?

  2. Thanks for the History Lesson but I notice that you didn't get the actual point of the article and how it applies today ... THX for Playing

  3. Actually Tim, you missed the point. As you correctly point out it is unfortunate when people throw out lies and crap and call it history. People make bad decisions that way. That is exactly what you have done. You make up a load of crap and think your lies prove a point. Sorry, when your whole article is based on your made up crap it is useless. Thanks for trying.

  4. Actually, you have shown yourself to be the embodiment of the courtroom mentality ... You believe that pointing out one error will destroy me as a credible witness so you can tell the jury of public opinion to ignore me ... One error in the history of the term Paper Tiger does not change the fact that this administration has put itself in a No-Win situation which makes America vulnerable and weak ... Thank You for your shining example of narrow-minded thinking ... Unfortunately, it seems the majority of people in this state are just like you ... another reason Why We Are So Screwed

  5. We are not being screwed by Tim Lenox; heading correctly put: "Why We are Screwed" by Tim Lenox. Minor detail but sounds better, just sayin'.

  6. LOL !!!
    THX, John ...
    Maybe from now on I'll drop the byline and leave the signature ...
    NICE catch !!!

  7. Tim there is a difference between an error in a detail and just making things up and calling them facts. When you just make things up and pretend they are facts yes that does destroy your credibility. And in case you missed it, the totally false claims I called you on were not just your claim about "paper tiger", it was also your false claim that America didn't want to get involved in World War II because it was fearful of "World Public Opinion". There are numerous other examples of untrue statements in your article, but what is the point in itemizing them? The truth is obviously irrelevant to you. These are not "errors" they are complete fabrications without any shred of truth. So based on that I would think anyone who relies on anything you wrote would be a fool.

  8. Well then, Mr Anonymous, I guess I can count on you to ignore this article and leave us alone. THX

  9. For those who ask me what I think the US should do with Syria ... it doesn't matter what the President does anymore ... that is the point of my article ... that being said ... both sides hate US so ... How about we stay out of it and stop financing our enemies?


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