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Guestblog: Conservative Round up by Palin Smith.

Guestblog by Connecticut resident Palin Smith. The Middletown Insider publishes guestblogs as a courtesy to readers, opinions expressed may not be that of the Insider staff.
                                  GREETINGS PATRIOTS
Let it be known! Just because we are adamantly opposed to John McKinney’s misanthropic campaign does not mean we are anti-Republican. In our travels we’ve located principled Republicans whom we’ve encouraged to join Republican Town Committees.We support many new friends, not because they are Republicans, but in spite of it.
Certain old-time politicians do not understand the modern reality, and still cling to the Flying Dutchman party, even though they would drown as it sinks. The Tea Party is the buoy - the life raft. The Tea Party Caucus in Congress has bought us time. The Constitution is the repair manual.
We keep urging people to get involved politically. If ever there was a year to start, it’s 2013. All across Connecticut we’ve witnessed a rebirth of conservative values and intelligent logic. Entrenched incumbents in both major parties are feeling heat from within their own ranks and from several insurgent groups.
Long-time Tea Party patriot Bill Heering runs strong in Plymouth’s First District. Last week Bill stirred the crowd of 100 at a Republican fundraiser attended by many Tea Party folks and some CT GOP dignitaries. Bill’s message stands on it’s own merits. His theme: ”Bring government back to the people”. http://youtu.be/2CFoHozBxTI
Join Bill’s campaign Face Book page and help him advance the cause of Liberty.
Pattie DeHuff is running a second time for Plymouth Board of Finance. She is a Sarah Palin “momma grizzly”. The good folks of Plymouth/Terryville have a gem amongst them. If only they would look closely. I caught up with Pattie at the Terryville Fair.
Bill and Pattie are part of a team of Republicans.
See them all at a fundraiser a week ago.
Another of our good friends, Angel Fernandez, is on the Middletown Republican ballot running for Common Council (city council). Angel posted his name on his campaign Face Book page recently as Angel R. Fernandez. With his permission granted, I will refer to him as A.R. Fernandez, a man who will keep you feeling safe.
Everyone who wants to repair Connecticut must first start to fix its component towns and cities. Please forward these messages to your friends who feel like you.
CCDL’s own Chris Duffy just became a father for the third time. Congratulations to Heather and Chris! The Duffy Face Book campaign page invites all to join. Duffy for Alderman. https://www.facebook.com/ChristopherDuffyforNewBritain?fref=ts
New Britain is a pivotal city in the 5th Congressional District. If conservatives make a good showing locally, New Britain may help a good Republican defeat first term Democrat, Elizabeth Esty. Congressmen are always most vulnerable in their first reelection bidMark Greenberg is the BEST choice for 5th district Republicans. Mention his name to at least one different person every day.
This month you may have noticed groups of patriots manning highway overpasses in Connecticut and other states. “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” is a national movement that is gaining momentum. There has been at least 20 protests in CT. First on Aug. 6 and then again last Saturday, Aug. 17. We are editing a video essay of all the locations from our images and from a dozen other people who participated. We sent the Aug. 6 videos last week. Here’s a few of the most recent.
And our good friend and 2009 “Frankendodd”, Flagman Bill, portrayed America’s Rodeo Clown on the Howard Ave. overpass in New Haven, one of the sites for our upcoming Aug. 30 blow out. The first couple minutes shows the place.
You can join the movement anytime. The Face Book page is the switchboard. We’re planning a concentrated effort at several key locations on the Labor Day get away day, Friday, Aug. 30.
New Haven
We will be at the Howard Ave. location in New Haven. Follow this link to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/events/681778288516751/
If you run out of reasons to impeach Obama you got a resource here.

On Aug. 22 at the Windham Regional Senior Center, we got a chance to confront Rep. Joe Courtney. It’s been a very long time since we saw Joe in this venue. His office has constantly lied to us about whether he was holding public forums or where they were. When you watch the Tea Party questions you will know why.
Joe just needs some strong opposition. We would hope the 2nd district GOP would get the message. But with the brain trust of Labriola, McMahon and Simmons we doubt they will.
At the Terryville Fair yesterday we briefly encountered two of Connecticut’s wondrous representatives in Washington. When we mentioned those magic words, “climate change at the LOB” to Senator Blumenthal we were ready to ask, “how did you like that Australian fellow, but he quickly turned. If you don’t remember the July 19 encounter, here it is. Look at Murphy and Blumy when Malcolm starts to speak.
We can have some good fun with John Larson Wednesday evening.
Bring a provocative question and follow up. We hope to see an overflow crowd.
These are the venues where we witness new patriots come of age.
Bring some friends. Larson loves victim stories.
If you have a good story you might get a tear out of him.
Community Forum, Windsor
Wednesday, August 28th 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
LP Wilson Senior Center
599 Matianuck Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095
The first person who can get John Larson on camera to admit he’s a socialist will be treated to a dinner at Outback. Steak, shrimp and sweet potato fries.
And be inspired to get out and help Ted Cruz’s prediction become history.
For a broad look at Connecticut political news be sure to book mark the Capitol Report, view it every day and post some comments on the many blogs. http://www.ctcapitolreport.com/
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. (Samuel Adams)
Pass the matches or get out of the way…..
Palin Smith

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