Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Guest Blog: Last Word for 2012

Guest by by Tim Lenox:
Last Word for 2012
This is my Last Tweet for the Year 2012:
You people who just voted for higher taxes are about to get them so stop bitchin' about the Fiscal Cliff. You asked for it.
For those not on Twitter who need a little more clarification, the term “Fiscal Cliff” was coined by Republicans, Economists, and Business Analysts to warn people what would happen if the policies of the White House were fully implemented:
·         Higher Taxes for those who invest in and run businesses, resulting in Higher Unemployment
·         Health Care Mandate forcing everyone to buy Insurance, even if they cannot afford it, also  resulting in Higher Unemployment
·         Massive cuts to the Military Budget, resulting in (you guessed it) Higher Unemployment
·         Massive Government Spending on Special Interests and Labor Unions, increasing funds to Union Leaders and Political Cronies but not Lowering Unemployment
Republicans warned of the dangers to the economy, calling this the “Fiscal Cliff” and hoping that voters would forget that they had agreed to some of these problems.  Democrats and their allies in the Media (both News and Entertainment) dismissed all this as fear mongering.  Once the Election was over and the President re-elected, those same people started acting as if the world is about to end.  It is almost as if they are now admitting that the Republicans were telling the Truth and are now blaming those Republicans for telling the Truth.
The Truth is that the Republicans warned the Nation about the “Fiscal Cliff” and the majority of the Nation, including those Media Personalities, voted for it.
So would everyone please stop complaining about getting what you voted for and allow us to just enjoy the Season of Holidays?  Thanks.
---Tim Lenox, RUV (Registered Unaffiliated Voter)

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