Thursday, July 25, 2013

Your Daily Spin by the Middletown Mess: Press Pulls Opinion Letter from Councilman Phil Pessina

Earlier today the Middletown Press published an opinion piece authored by Councilman Phil Pessina in which he criticized the Middletown Republican Town Committee for not re nominating him to the slate of candidates up for election to the common council this November.
 The three term incumbent called the Republicans "buffoons and clowns." Editor of the Patch Cassandra Day published excerpts from the letter yesterday, with the Press publishing the full letter today
Google search showing link to Councilman Pessina's letter
 Councilman Pessina's original letter as it appeared
 on the Press's site earlier today.
 Click to enlarge.
The now defunct link.  If it comes back, will it be edited?
 Why was this letter pulled and 
who requested this?
A Google search for "Pessina letter to the editor Middletown Press" still turns up the cached url where the letter was posted most of the day. What is going on?

As of this evening, the Press it appears has pulled the Councilman's letter from it's website. 
Prior to this, we copied the letter to our site here: 

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