Friday, July 26, 2013

Guestblog: Reaction to HBO documentary on Petit Family Tragedy

Below is a guestblog by former CT Republican party chariman Christopher Healy of Wetherfield. Former Republican State Senator Len Suzio worked tirelessly to repeal the state's early release program for violence criminals, as as state victim advocate still is. His predecessor, Dante Bartolomeo (D) now representing the 13th District which includes Cheshire, voted to continue early release of violent criminals as did Representative Matt Lesser (D). Representative Matt Lesser, who represents Middletown, in addition to continuing the early release program, also voted in favor of House Bill 6521 which would allow murders, rapists, kidnappers and other violent criminals convicted before the age of 18 to be released after only having served 60% of their sentences.
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After watching the dreadful HBO special on the Petit tragedy, I am grounded in appreciating the continued strength and courage of the Petit and Hawke families. Sadly, that can't be said of the parasitic defense lawyers featured in this documentary or some of the hidden, twisted liberal social excuses for the motivation of the two killers. But the chicken *hit award still goes to the Democrat and Republican lawmakers who waited until after the trials to abolish the Death Penalty and then claim that these two derelicts and agents of Evil would still be sent to their deserved death.

And of course, there is Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who hedged his bets during the campaign by talking out of two sides of his mouth, before claiming Connecticut was above seeking justice in such a cruel way. And to put a perfect period on it, Malloy has initiated an early convict release program that led to a re-run of what happened to the Petit's - a Meriden father and merchant cut in half by a convict named "Razor," also let loose early as were the Petit killers under a dysfunctional Pardon's Board.

This is what our state has become - where the lawless and lazy are rewarded and the hard working are soaked with taxes and ridiculed by the union things and elites. Some of us believe that government isn't the answer and shouldn't be held accountable for its lunatic policies.

Next year, thankfully, we will begin to talk to people across the state on why this slow swirl into the abyss has to stop.

Christopher Healy, Wethersfield, CT

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