Monday, July 22, 2013

TONIGHT Book Signing for Middletown Satire: "Downtown Drive Thru"

Tonight grab your copy of Downtown Drive Thru or purchase in person and head down to the Buttonwood Tree on Main Street to meet author and resident John Killian. Proceeds benefit the Buttonwood Tree.
FREE, 7 pm.
Local Realistic Balance Party chair, and Independent Party of Middletown chair John Killian has released a new E-Book written as a satire of local Middletown politics. Previously Killian blogged on his personal blog site : . The site features musings on national politics, local phenomenon, poetry, and links to performances by the author and friends. Currently on his blog space Killian has posted a history of Middletown timeline which is very helpful in reading his novel.

The book  downtown Drive Thru certainly is about "everything." The time line of Middletown's history, as expressed by Killian in his novel,is woven together with what seems to be the intention of expressing just how confusing it really it to explain to a non native born. His prose in this manner fully expresses the passion with which lifers regard this history. While character names are a bit confusing, the winding story will leave you laughing and rolling on the floor, while probably peeing on yourself. And if you are only peeing, at least you are in better shape than many of the characters in this "fictional" satire. When it comes to being critical of Middletown in order to grow as a community, if even via biting humor, certainly we share the same genre and passion for the First Amendment as Killian; we welcome him to our niche. A good read.

About the Author:
17 year resident of Middletown. Co-founder of the Realistic Balance Party of Middletown.
Author of “Gospels of the New Nile”

Timeline accompanying the latest book at 
Middletown Realistic Balance Party - alternate years aka the Independence Party of Middletown

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