Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guestblog: If It Ain't S.W.A.T.,......It's "So What?" by Fred Carroll

  • Illustration by Fred Carroll. 
    Below is a guest blog from resident Fred Carroll. The essay reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers. "Dr." Fred Carrol has shared his thoughts with us many times before via guest blog- his last can be read here: http://www.middletowninsider.com/2013/06/guestblog-middletown-has-greatest-bums.html

    If It Ain't S.W.A.T.,......It's "So What?" I walked into the Middletown Police Station Sunday evening to report having been [what I understood to be] "assaulted" and after telling the Desk Officer my story, he responded; "And what do you want ME to do about this?"......one answer I eschewed was "I don't know, call a Cop, maybe?" deciding rather on; "I don't know, is there a protocol for this type of incident?" and he responded; "Oh, we could go and talk to him about it, but if he denies it then it's a case of "He said, she said...." to which I responded "There were witnesses" to which he responded "Witnesses won't talk to the Police over there" [the thing happened on Liberty Street], to which I responded "There's probably a security camera film of it..." to which he didn't respond but was probably thinking "Ha, most of those cameras haven't worked in years.". So at this point I say "So some felonious street thug can force me off my bike in the middle of Liberty Street, pick up my bike IN ONE HAND and menace me with it as if he might throw it at me and back me all the way to Main Street issuing death threats and worse, finally throwing said bike sort of at me but basically just in my general direction and that's just a case of "And so what do you want ME to do about this?".....I would have thought that what he did MIGHT BE A CRIME.....no????" At this point he asked me my name, address, and phone number and gave me a phone number to call if I'm ever lonely, and we called it a deal.........thoroughly intimidated......Fred Carroll
  • P.S. I've never owned or fired a gun but maybe I understand Mr. Zimmerman a little bit better, as in "He who counts on another courts disappointment".....you are on your own, after you're dead, everyone will jump up and get to work on "solving the case"......

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