Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guestblog: If It Ain't S.W.A.T.,......It's "So What?" by Fred Carroll

  • Illustration by Fred Carroll. 
    Below is a guest blog from resident Fred Carroll. The essay reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers. "Dr." Fred Carrol has shared his thoughts with us many times before via guest blog- his last can be read here: http://www.middletowninsider.com/2013/06/guestblog-middletown-has-greatest-bums.html

    If It Ain't S.W.A.T.,......It's "So What?" I walked into the Middletown Police Station Sunday evening to report having been [what I understood to be] "assaulted" and after telling the Desk Officer my story, he responded; "And what do you want ME to do about this?"......one answer I eschewed was "I don't know, call a Cop, maybe?" deciding rather on; "I don't know, is there a protocol for this type of incident?" and he responded; "Oh, we could go and talk to him about it, but if he denies it then it's a case of "He said, she said...." to which I responded "There were witnesses" to which he responded "Witnesses won't talk to the Police over there" [the thing happened on Liberty Street], to which I responded "There's probably a security camera film of it..." to which he didn't respond but was probably thinking "Ha, most of those cameras haven't worked in years.". So at this point I say "So some felonious street thug can force me off my bike in the middle of Liberty Street, pick up my bike IN ONE HAND and menace me with it as if he might throw it at me and back me all the way to Main Street issuing death threats and worse, finally throwing said bike sort of at me but basically just in my general direction and that's just a case of "And so what do you want ME to do about this?".....I would have thought that what he did MIGHT BE A CRIME.....no????" At this point he asked me my name, address, and phone number and gave me a phone number to call if I'm ever lonely, and we called it a deal.........thoroughly intimidated......Fred Carroll
  • P.S. I've never owned or fired a gun but maybe I understand Mr. Zimmerman a little bit better, as in "He who counts on another courts disappointment".....you are on your own, after you're dead, everyone will jump up and get to work on "solving the case"......


  1. That area should be heavily policed There's alot of illegal activities occuring there 24/7 and the mpd is a joke there to scared to even get out of their car.

  2. That's not true, the MPD do get out of their cars and walk around....I see them doing it all the time and joking around with people on the street.....shaking hands and learning new karate moves from the pedestrians...we have some very friendly police officers in that neighborhood.

  3. Fred is on a roll, complaining about the Fire Department collecting for MDA, now complaining about the Police Department. Not getting services for your taxes? That's right, you don't pay taxes, you a bum with a broom!

  4. Be careful with disturbed people.
    You don't want to be the next Zimmerman. When human time-bombs go off, they like to take people down with them.

  5. There are 8 flat screen monitors in city hall with a total of 64 images. Surely there is one with a view of Liberty Street. Or maybe no one bothers to look.

    (see today's Patch story about parking for photo)

  6. If Fred had been a woman, or a non homeless person and walked in and said I was just beat up / assaulted he would not have gotten turned away with a rude response. Clear cut discrimination with this desk officer who needs some sensitivity training or time off unpaid clearly.


  7. Can someone please tell me why the Insider will cover John Milardo but will not cover the story that went to the Press from Phil Pessina? Please cover or will Seb not let it run?

  8. Councilman Phil Pessina sent a letter to the Middletown Patch. The Patch editors wrote an article based on that letter. Why did they choose not to publish Pessina's letter in its entirety, but rather portions?

    This blog was not approached by Councilman Phil Pessina and did not receive a letter from him. There is no information for us to withhold.

    The Press did not cover Pessina's letter nor did the Eye. The Eye only taped the GOP meeting and not the Democrat town committee meeting. Why is that? Have you asked?

    The Eye has not made any mention that one of its main editors was denied a seat on the slate and may choose to primary. Why is that? Have you asked?

    Left out of the Press's articles were the numerous nominations and subsequent declines that the Patch article chose to include in their article pertaining to the Democratic Town Committee meeting, but the Press chose not to- Why is that? Have you asked?

    The Courant did not cover Pessina's letter either.

    WHY? Who knows. What is your point?

  9. Councilman is about himself and only himself. Anyone who has ever listened to the councilman would have heard I did this and I did that. It is all about him and what he has done. It is not about the people of Middletown, because if it was he would have voted against raising taxes2012-2013 budget.

  10. Why would the cops do anything? I've seen the cops countless times break the rules for their own convenience, so unfortunately it doesn't surprise me that when someone goes to them for help they're just met with childish sarcasm. Wanna talk about the real bums of Middletown? Just talk about the good for nothing cops, which, simply put; are a gang of thugs with legal guns.

  11. It's to bad there isn't a like button for comments, because after witnessing a recent encounter with several verbally abusive police officers, I would certainly "like" a few of these comments to show more support as I can no longer agree that ALL our MPD are great. Sadly, I can
    not teach the children to trust even them!

  12. Had the police reacted accordingly to Mr. Carroll's complaint about this tormenter instead of behaving with a dismissive attitude, the woman might not have been Mr. Lisica's next victim.

  13. Good news - there are some who still want to do police work:



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