Friday, July 26, 2013

Jim O'Rourke Comments on Malloy's Signing of Ethics BIll- What the Hell is he Smoking?

Argentina- A few hours ago on Facebook, our esteemed and HISPANIC (NOT!) State Rep. Matthew Lesser let the public know his feelings during Governor Malloy's signing of an ethics bill, "Important legislation and I'm proud to have played a role in this passage."  What's the big deal Insider,? I bet 1/3 of our over 2,000 daily readers are asking themselves about Lesser's posting and grandstanding as per his usual practice.  He tweets and Facebooks to his fans whenever he looks at himself in the mirror, why is this anything new?

 If one checks out Che Guevara's- er, Lesser's Facebook page, they will find the man claiming to be part of the House Assembly's Spanish Caucus because he allegedly has Argentinian ties on his mother side.  One could sit here and make a ton of jokes referring to the thousands of members of the National Socialist (Nationalsozialismus) party that took refuse in Argentina after World War II ended in 1945.  Seriously, Matt looks more Aryan (German) than a product from Argentina, but hey if it gets the old boy votes god bless him. Anybody remember that scene with Gregory Peck from The Boys from Brazil when the little Hitler clone chucked the guy down the stairs?

 The real culprit in this piece happens to be former CT Deputy Speaker of the House Jim O'Rourke who felt that it would be a wonderful idea to comment and take credit for some of these ethics bills finding their way to the house in Hartford.  The question The Insider has for Mr. O'Rourke: What the hell are you smoking?

"¿Matt, usted no podría estar parado detrás de mí que me está poniendo nerviosa?"

Let's recap Jim O'Rourke's ties to ethics:

On the night of January 21, 2009, O'Rourke was allegedly involved in events related to the hypothermia death of a 41 year old Rocky Hill woman. O'Rourke said the woman got in his car at a local bar and he tried to drive her home, but she got out of the car and planned to walk the rest of the way home. The woman was found dead by a cross country skier. Local police did not immediately charge O'Rourke with any crime related to this incident.[2]
On April 30, 2009, The Hartford Courant reported local police were seeking to issue a warrant to charge O'Rourke with negligent homicide for his role in the incident. The following day, House Speaker Christopher Donovan announced he had suspended O'Rourke from his post as Deputy Speaker.[3]
The state's attorney ultimately declined to prosecute O'Rourke for his role in this incident. However, in February 2010 the decedent's estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit against O'Rourke and the bar in which the incident occurred

Let's get real! Having Jim O'Rourke making comments about ethics is like Dan Drew claiming he hurt his shoulder saving all the lost souls in the dunk tape at Wesley School.  

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