Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Guest Blog: Why I Don't Beg (Through I Probably Should) by Fred Carroll

Below is a guest blog from resident Fred Carroll. The essay reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers. "Dr." Fred Carroll has shared his thoughts with us many times before via guest blog- his last can be read here: 

ps : Thanks Dr. Fred we finally got your name spelled right

Why I Don't Beg {Though I Probably Should}.......I don't beg for two reasons, first, with my Middle Class Sensibilities, I've never been particularly comfortable asking for a whole lot of anything from anyone, never mind money from strangers, and second, I absolutely don't need to beg. That is, there's nothing which I need and couldn't have gotten for myself had it been sufficiently important to me. I might need this, that, or the other thing at any given moment, but again, whence from wouldst I presume to make that "your problem" by asking you for money? Money which, you of course need for your own action.......By The Way I have the very greatest contempt for Fake Indigents, those who garb up destitute to fool you out of some Pity Cash, and if I were King that would be a good profession to avoid......Continuing, I'm all about "context" in things, like "Why"? and "Why NOW"? and "Why HERE"?......so for me to feel straight with asking you for money as you go by I would have to intro it with "Hey, I'm lazy and or stupid and or self indulgent and I was just wondering if you'd maybe wanna take up some of the inevitable SLACK on all of that for me, maybe, eh?" And I'm not feelin' that......As for throwing a Hat On The Ground when I weed and sweep, well, that absolutely changes the dynamic from "Are WE in this thing together?" to "Nobody asked me to do this......but feel free to pay me, by all means!" which I'm not generally "feeling" either......Of course, I might pick up a Booze or other Hard Drug Habit tomorrow and all the fancy talk goes right out the window! But until that happens,.........." Hail thee well, fellow citizen!" And good luck paying all those Bills........

Sincerely, FRED "Misquote Me, But Spell My Name Right" CARROLL
Did you know Fred Carroll can draw? Not only did
Fred found the "Bums with Brooms"  sidewalk
beautification movement, but he is quite the artist.
Many of Fred's slice of life illustrations are on display
at the Buttonwood Tree on Main St.


  1. What's the difference between a bum asking for money and a politician going door to door asking for a donation?

  2. The bum is honest! That's the difference.

  3. Ummm...they're BOTH bums?

  4. Why do you publish the non-coherent rantings of a street bum? Just because he's a bum doesn't make him also a sage.

  5. Rock on Dr. Fred!


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