Monday, July 29, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Frechette Really Was Fullashitte! Court Rules in Favor of Bourne

BREAKING NEWS: Remember how Mayor Dan Drew said he triumphantly ended ALL the lawsuits between the City & the BOE? Yeah...... LIE 

Frechette Really Was Fullashitte! 
Court Rules in Favor of Christine Bourne, former BOE Payroll Supervisor's labor case. Two years ago, Bourne lost her position for being a whistle blower regarding "misplaced" funds overseen by then Superintendent Frechette. Frechette since left the his superintendent position with a settlement paid for by taxpayers that was the size of Rhode Island !

From the Ruling Summary: "There is no way to sugar-coat the facts:  Ms. Bourne was treated horribly by the Board of Education.  
And when push came to shove, the City punished the victim."

At the time the Board of Education was headed by Superintendent Michael Frechette. Mayor Dan Drew was in office at the time when Bourne reapplied to the payroll position, but failed to reinstate her.

UPDATE:In an interview with the Middletown Patch, Mayor Drew is already trying to place ALL of the blame on the previous administration, despite the ruling and facts showing otherwise!! 

Mayor Drew responded to the ruling and his role regarding not reinstating Bourne long before: "Ibityibitty ibity thats thhats all folks!" and proceeded to hide behind Administrative Assistant ('cause thats his title by CHARTER not Chief of Staff) Joe Samolis's legs.

More details to follow!

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