Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exactly how much does Michael Frechette Get?

New M Town Monopoly staring Michael Frechette & many more dynamic characters!
Last week the BOE elect chose to buy out Superintendent Michael Frechette's contract. In the real world, when you fail to do your job and  mismanage $1 million one would believe that this person would be fired. No so; the Teflon Don seems to be making out well - but questions still remain as to how well? The public deserves to know just how much tax money we must fork over to keep the Frechette family comfortable. Frechette gave his wife a school nurse position that was not offered to the public, which she will get to keep, but will the Frechette's get to keep the two gps's and numerous computers, phones etc. provided to the superintendent? Choose your character! Second in command,  Barbara Senges is  set to retire - what a coincidence! How big will her package be? Play as the lovely Nancy Haynes- who is "out on extended family leave" just when the deficit is being investigated! Mean while, the BOE (that means the tax payers) is paying for her legal fees for her defense against disorderly conduct charges! Or be Josh Berger, the son in law of Councilmember Hope Kasper, who was on the committee that was to fill the questioned position, remains as a permanent employee at the BOE past the 90 day temporary period. He did not even rank in the list of person's qualified! Last week Councilman Tom Serra and Rep. Matt Lesser took the unauthorized drafts of the new district maps from the Registrar Office, what do these two have up their sleeves?  Lastly, why not play as our mysterious leader? Where is Mayor Dan Drew and what does he have to say? Stay and play along at home as the cast of characters grows and the money keeps flowing!

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  1. To Jay Kaiser: Mr. Past Board Member; you can sit here on your perch and say that he was the best superindent that this system had. You along with all the others that choice not to run caused this cancer in our district. Let's talk about Dave Larson's term or Carol Parmelee-Blancato's term as supers. You didn't have this me, me, attiude, they cared about the students, teachers, central office staff and most importantly they respected them as indivuiduals, somethng that this adminstration along with the board members failed to do. The schools are making slight and I say slight improvement only because you and the adminstration that you so dearly hold high let them become NCLB. That state put standard is place for them to follow. Do not pat yourself and Frechette on the back for this. Before he, senges and the rest of the crew step foot into this district we were one of the top 10 schools in the state of Connecticut.
    You want to talk about teachers union and the city union, there has never beenso many charges against the adminstration then this. Go look it up Jay. Frechette shuts down union work and then renames the job and brings in his own people at a high rate of pay. DO you really believe that all his non union employees need to work ovrtime 7 days aweek. Why not ask to see the overtime reports from this adminstration and last, you won't find any Jay. And in closing he was recognized by his old almater, which he still donates too, maybe he is giving them the $6,200 he use to collect every July 1st for going nowwhere. Yes Jay these facts are true, I once was a board of ed employee, but that was back in the good old days.


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