Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GuestBlog: Murder in a Small Neighborhood

Residence on Ridge Road submitted by Jerry Augustine
The following is a true story submitted to us by reader resident Jerry Augustine.  Augustine graciously submitted his story as a veteran earlier in the year titled: 

Note: We plan to re-type the story below, but for now please click to enlarge.

Thank you Jerry!

Photos submitted of  the accused Weaver and Cots by Jerry Augustine:



  1. At least justice worked in Connecticut in 1940. Today Cotts and Weaver would be sentenced to 15 years in Somers Prison. Their trial would take place seven years after the actual murder. Cotts and Weaver's defense would be that they were abused as children and thye were high on drugs when the crime was commited. Cotts and Weaver would have better dental care (and free) than 95 percent of America thanks to the state.

  2. Good and interesting article. Also interestingly is the fact that Jehosaphat Spencer, who I believe died in 1852, owned the home I currently live in on Millbrook Road. He purchased this home in 1832 and lived there for the rest of his life. After his death, his home and land were left to his 5 children. Maybe one of his children was also named Jehosaphat who could have built your home.

  3. Great piece Jerry! I especially loved your veteran essay as well- please keep writing! I love the Middletown Insider, I read it everyday. I look forward to more article from you!


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