Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BOE To Discuss Budget At June 25th Meeting

At its June 25th meeting the Board of Education will discuss the budget adopted in May.
The Common Council passed a $135.9 million budget May 15, council allocated the school budget at $76.47 million, an increase of nearly $4 million. This allocation is a 5.4 percent. The budget proposed by the BOE Budget Committee and Superintendent Dr. Patricia Charles asked for a 7 percent increase.

The Common Council by charter and state mandates has no control over how the BOE spends its budget.
There is no requirement that it be transparent either. According to the BOE, they have chosen to spend the money by cutting some teaching positions, and giving other teachers raises asked for by the teacher's union. Details of how monies will be spent is to be discussed at the public BOE meeting June 25.


  1. Hopefully those parents who were at the common council meeting and wanting answers will show up at the BOE meeting. Time to hold the administration accountable for how they spend the money they receive

  2. And there will be no transparency. There hasn't been any so far, why would they start now. Reminder, this is the gang that promised transparency when they ran and have given none. They don't even have their budget on their web site, didn't involve the governance councils, and will continue to add administrators and friends of the powerful to central office while there are less teachers in the classroom.


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