Tuesday, June 04, 2013

End of School Year Report Card for BOE Members

End of School Year Report Card for BOE Members:

Ed: Supporting education doesn’t mean blind loyalty to the unions.  The budget issues could be solved
for everyone in one step. Freeze all raises for everyone.  Ta  Dah!!!!  Books and paper for everyone. But Noooo... Everyone gets paid and as the Soup Nazi would say, “No books for you!”  One also needs to remind you that you ran on the principal of ending all the lawsuits in Middletown.  A few months go by and you and your minions are involved in suing the Planning and Zoning Commission. I guess it's okay for you to sue, but not anybody else.  Your campaign slogan was ED4ED, we get it now- trust me the entire town gets it.  When were you going to let the villagers know about the Blue House LLC thing? Yeah, that one, the one were you went out of your way to outbid The Connection to keep certain elements out of your neighborhood.  F- Sheff v. O'Neil!

Ryan: We know you’re running for re-election, but you don’t have to piss and moan at every meeting.
We get it.  Just do what the Republicans normally do and mail it in.  Look to  Steve Gionfriddo for
advice.  How about getting a new  pair of shoes as well, those clodhoppers have been around since your were at Central Connecticut State University taking communication courses, driving the shitbox around the state. Who could forgot the Ryan mobile?

A plug for Gene's Tv and Appliance!
(we hope you have a good sense of humor, 
please don't sue us)

Gene: We’re disappointed. You sold out.  You told us change would happen.  We’re still waiting. Time is running out. Don’t forget about your friends who put you there.  It should also be noted that I brought my TV/VCR combo and you didn't fix it, what, err, right, wrong Gene.

Cheryl: Say something. Anything! Actually after your budget thoughts maybe not. Remember the term Fiscal Responsibility. But good for you defending your points, unlike others.

Ted: Stop it.  We understand your feelings are hurt, but really, agreeing with Ryan every meeting just to irritate the Gene and Ed show, we’ve seen enough. Just quit like Bill Grady did. Think about it, you did everything you were supposed to do. You used city funds to send your son to a special education school in Cape Cod compliments of Captain Freschette.  That's a lot of money that could have been spent to a child that is on the spectrum severely, right, you don't have to care because you are a liberal.

Sheila: Problem solved. Ted is not running again. There is not a spot for you on the Democratic line.
(Just ask Phil Pessina for the how to manual)  Sheila Davis rocks!

Mitch, Franca, Ava:  ???? You guys even there????  Thanks for nothing. Although doing nothing on the political spectrum is a good thing. You can criticize those with creativity and ideas, but when it comes time to offer perspectives and insight- don't let them know you're alive or thinking or ..................

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