Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guestblog: Tea Party IRS Protest Around CT via Palin Smith

Videographer/Photographer/Activist and Insider frequent Guest Blogger Palin Smith took some great photos around Connecticut today capturing Conservatives, Unaffiliated, Libertarians, Republicans joining the Tea Party organized rally of citizen activists protesting the IRS this week around the state. Protesters took to the streets around the state and country. In Connecticut, protesters were at both the Hartford and New Haven branches of the IRS to take a stand against the unsolicited auditing of Tea Party and Patriot groups by the IRS.    
Check out more of Palin's video documentaries of the Tea Party and conservative movements in CT on his youtube page: here

Protesters outside the IRS Building in New Haven.
Recognize this patriot?
Rally outside WTNH New Haven
Protesters outside the office of  Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro
On the steps of city hall New Haven
At the Amistad Memorial adjacent to city hall New Haven

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