Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Laws on the slate for Corrupticut!

Remember how Gov. Dannel "Big Danny" Malloy proposed that the municipal car tax be eliminated? Well, you didn't think this opportunity to tax citizens would go unnoticed for long. Brought to you by the the state of Corrupticut, a proposed state wide car tax. Just in time for the gas tax reduction that will expire July 1. You should have been aware of that too, previous state senator Len Suzio (R) campaigned long and hard to shout it from every street corner. Geez we miss you Len, especially since we can't leave our basement since we don't have gas money and the bus way to nowhere is nowhere near done!

A "bi-partisan" committee to propose a statewide mill rate for property taxes on vehicles. Proponents say that because Connecticut is like no other state where each separate city or town decides it's own tax rate on vehicles, good, bad, or ugly, a state mandated tax would level the playing field. It's baaaccccck! Proponents of reinstating a car property tax say it is to cover for missing money in municipal coffers that the town's are missing from their budgets because of the first proposed elimination of the tax. The bill would also increase the age of what is considered an antique car- and eliminate the cost of registering an antique vehicle. Basically, since the economy is so screwed, no one can afford new cars- so the government wants to make sure it penalizes everyone way down to the people who are still driving their grandma's Buick's they inherited and scraping by. THANKS!
The proposal HB-5012 -would cap the rate at 80 mills for all municipalities, then the next year lower it to 72 mills. After that, the tax would be reduced 10 mills every consecutive year until it’s eliminated. Confused yet? So are we!
Proposed legislation SB113 would eliminate the need for public notices in newspapers and alike about public meetings and hearings. Already in the dark what is happening in your town? Prepare to be more in the dark! How is "democracy" in a vacuum a good thing?

No need to pack your girlfriend's bra with nips when you visit the Dodge Theater for a concert on the lawn this summer! Also up on the slate for a new law is HB 6540 which you can read here: http://cga.ct.gov/asp/cgabillstatus/cgabillstatus.asp?selBillType=Bill&bill_num=6540&which_year=2013.
This bill would allow beer to be sold in plastic pouches like various sugary beverages are now. No need to painstakingly fill colostomy bags taped to your body with booze anymore. New pre-packaged beer pouches will make for much easier packing under rolls of skin for an nearly invisible appearance under clothing. Tuck one under today!

The state DEP opposes for this bill for environmental reasons, however,opposing environmental studies have been done to say that pouches are less of an impact on the environment than bottles. Yup, some sciencey person actually got paid probably via a grant (other people's money, probably some of your tax money)to figure out how beer in pouches is a good thing. 

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