Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rumblings from Middletown

Rumbling, Rumors and other cool stuff you won’t find out… yet!

1)   GOP v GOP- Want to know the definition of bad? Want to know the definition of really bad?  Take a look at the facial expression of the male Common Council GOPers who constantly vote along with the Dems and against that of their female counterparts. Can't we all just get along folks?  Remember that amazing fight sequence in Lincoln between Sally Field and Daniel Day Lewis? It has nothing on the battle that is going on. Imagine spending the time to prep an alternate budget and then pull a Benedict Arnold once it’s time to vote on the Mayor’s budget. 

2)   New Show on NBC- Get your TIVOS and DVR ready, after a long hiatus, the new political feel good drama, Little Blue House on the Prairie will finally make it’s premiere on the peacock network next week.  The amazing premise follows a band of activists who secretly hoard money and build houses for the needy with the claim “we don’t make any money off this.”  Plots revolve around the family using federal money to start non-profit organizations and give themselves fat six-figure bonus and a Robert Ludow-esque episode where the gang tries taking down an evil developer, but refuses to disclose that they too have a financial interest in the neighborhood.

3)   BOE budget- Kudos to Teddy “Bear” Raczka and Ryan “No relation to JFK” Kennedy for voting NO for the budget increases that will add even higher taxes for citizens.   Transparency? As of yet we, the people have not seen a real itemized budget anywhere on the web or in print.  Perhaps the village district should take a bus up to the state capitol and march against the awful state statute 10-220, which allows superintendents the right to be less than transparent with a town’s money?  Speaking of the missing Million $$ Dollars, new Superintendent, Pat “The Price is Right” Charles, claimed recently that the figure of missing money is only $180,00 and not a cool million.  Get Blum/Shapiro on  the phone!

4)   Two buyers scared away from High Street:  Sources close to the City have revealed that two potential land developers pre-Bob Landino were quite interested in the Wesleyan property.  After doing some research and meeting with some prominent (village) people, they decided to pull out to avoid a hassle.
5)   Connect the DotsWhy did Blue House LLC really want to outbid The Connection on the so-called controversial purchase? Was it to keep certain folks out of the neighborhood? Folks that say would occupy the property as a half way or group home? NIMBY, my rear end. How about, WAABOH or we are a bunch of hypocrites?
6)   Medal- Lee Osborne should be given a medal for telling the truth about everything he wants and standing up for his rights. 
7)   Earl Roberts for the town’s Executive Chair? -  According to sources, (the A.M. staff at Dunkin Donuts and the Beller Boys), Roberts a former GOP councilman has expressed interested in running for the city’s top position.  When told he would have to spend some of his ‘own’ money, EVR jr, just brought up bees and stared into space. 
8)   New Evil Dead Film- According to horror director, Sam Raimi in a recent TMZ interview: “I have always wanted to write a horror/zombie film about the people in Middletown’s village area.  It was quite easy to film, they are predictable and say one thing, but mean another especially when it’s to pad their pockets with the benjamins.”
9) Middletown High Blue Prints Student Newspaper wins awards. Yet, taxpayers still pay a former teacher to write press releases and feel-good articles for local news media.
10)   Irony- despite what The Press said, the Insider was never pro-Landino and Mx Zone change. We never actually took a stance either way.  We just asked a few questions about Blue House LLC and why certain people didn't show at the meeting. Mayor Drew for starters after Ed McKeon's article in which he provided photos of everyone opposing his views.  Spin it Middletown Mess!
11)                  IP Address Trace- Did Ed McKeon really trace the IP address to Salafia's house or was he attempting to scare her?  He told The Middletown Press he traced it, so wouldn’t that be a crime ?  Is he tracing every comment on the Eye? Creepy.


  1. Johnson stated on record he abstained because he had a financial interest.

  2. MI you rock, great satire!

  3. The article just asked a question.Besides Ed gets away with the term strip mall when that's not the case either. This blog never took a stance just asked questions and good ones!! Why does evetyone take Eds word as gospel??

  4. The Eye twists and sensationalizes worse than the Mess

  5. I have to make a correction to your comments about the BOE and the million dollars. This was new million dollars: the BOE was in danger of finishing THIS school year in the red by approximately a million dollars but that amount has been reduced to the 180K figure. If they had kept on spending the way they were going, then by the end of THIS June, they would have been well overdrawn but they had corrected their ways and should be on budget.

  6. If you think Blue House is interesting ..........................wait 4 it.........................

  7. While Ed4Ed was busy stalking commissioner members and covering up his role in Blue House LLC, he certainly wasn't paying attention to the BOE budget, which he was ELECTED to do.

    He's on the Budget committee, and has some say in the budget and hasn't even demanded that it be put on the district's website. He calls for transparency, but when given the opportunity and position to do so, he's MIA.

    Villagers, start a petition to remove him from the BOE!

  8. Hey all you Village People, Tree Huggers, Save the Whale NUTS, PETA Terrorists and people with hidden agendas, how about some reporting on the Federal Investagation into Mark Masselli ?????

    Questionable loans of $100 MILION DOLLARS and Community Health Center in Mentaltown gets an honorable mention ?

    Could Marks pants finally be getting pulled down ? How about the $5 Million Mark couldnt account for in front of the State Senate Investagation Committe ???? Is that still on the table ?

    What about our evert so hinest P&Z Director ?????? He has done some shady stuff so non-profit organazations in this town could get grants for Housing and god damn gardens ?????

    What the hell does an ivestagation into illegal election contributions have to do with these grants ??

    Something ever so smells fishy !!! Maybe the Planning and Zonning Commission and some of its members are a little crooked and on the "PAD" !

    What say you Insider ? how about a letter to your blog by someone on this ???? Is Ed involved ???? Ed everyone else has their hand in the cookie jar thats why yours dosent fit !

    Oh and Ed you are a clown, and should be censored at the BOE.

    PS Private Einstein Ed this Ip Address dose not come back to a residence. I think your forensic invest-a-magation is a load of crap.

    Molly your a bratt too, that way Ed dosent think I am just saying bad things bout him too.

    Ed your a jerk you smell and your always drunk at Eli Cannons or some where else. You need AA before your drinking gets you in a real mess !!!!

    Sue that you arteist` (thats french canadian) but thats what your are ED


  10. WAABOH =we are a bunch of hypocrites

  11. I can't wait to see how this all plays out. And how everything the Dems have been handed and manipulated comes crashing down around them. They have become power-drunk and soon they will be exposed. Drew has been a dictator mayor who's ego has blown up beyond comprehension. Soulless users who would sell out their own mothers if it benefited their agendas. No department will be safe from being exposed. The investigations at the capital will be petty compared to the investigations into this city's so called leaders. Elections.....7 months to go.

  12. Netflix should make a series about Middletown politics revolving around a deal to build a drive-thru in a cemetery and call it "House of Cars"

  13. sure the demos are bad but what makes you think the repos can do better? they havent done anything to show they can lead.

  14. Demos in town have been in power since 1991 .. The minority party has nO POWER whatsever !! Even when Gully was mayor, the Dems blocked everything ..

    I think the Minsider piece on Blue House is on the $.. They went ape-sh&t when it appeared and now it seems that the feds are probing into a deeper $ issue with regard to CHC... WOW!


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