Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winsley: Take the 2nd Amendment as Seriously as the 1st or Shut up! (It could be the law)

Re-posted from the blog of conservative commentator and challenger to Senator Rosa DeLauro last election cycle Wayne Winsley. Republished as a courtesy to readers and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Insider staff.

Originally posted on Winsley's blog below

 Take the 2nd Amendment as Seriously as the 1st or Shut Up! (It could be the law)

To those strident voices who are, in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, calling for the abolition of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution because it is old and outdated, I offer this.

The 1st Amendment, ratified 222 years ago, guarantees your freedom of speech. You may not like what I say, but I get to say it, AND you get to disagree with me without fear of being locked up or shut up.

The 19th Amendment, ratified 93 years ago, protects the voting rights of women. Frankly, I've heard my wife, my mother and my sister say things that make me cringe at the very idea that they get to help elect our leadership. (I love you ladies dearly) But guess what? That freedom should always remain.

In my humble opinion, the rap star Flavor Flav (google him) is as dumb as a box of rocks, but his right to enter a voting booth and fill out a ballot is sacred according to the 143 year old, 15th Amendment and it should remain so.

Only one time has the U.S. Constitution been amended in the direction of restricting freedom, that was the short-lived Eighteenth Amendment which brought us Prohibition and a flourishing black market in alcohol. It lasted only 13 years and was overruled. The people's right to drunken debauchery shall not be infringed.

Should the President be able to repeal, by executive order, the 222 year old, 2nd Amendment? The answer is no! Remember, the U.S. Constitution was written with the express purpose of limiting the power of the Federal Government. The Federal Government cannot now remove amendments to suit a given agenda.

The constitution of the United States is the bedrock of our freedom and should only be amended in the direction of expanding our liberties and not restricting them.

Everyone should be concerned when government begin talking about restricting our freedoms.
Whether you have a black or brown face, whether you shave your legs before going out, like to enjoy a beer during the playoffs or blog your content or discontent with our current President, your rights are being protected.
Persons who own guns deserve to have that right protected as well.

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