Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Edge Tonight on Comcast

From the Edge: Tonight (January 22, 2013) on Comcast Channel 15, The Edge starring Jon Pulino and William Wilson will feature the local talents of artist Luke Reinwald a recent graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, who will on hand to discuss his art and his work at the KIDS ARTSPACE studio located on South Main in Middletown.  Local Middletown musician Tony Villaba will entertain the crowd with 3-4 orignal songs, while Jarod Doyon, a Meriden resident and mascot for The Hartford Whale/New Britain Rockcats will attend in order to converse with the hosts about the art of putting on a costume and entertaining children.  As per a live show unusual and unexpected things can and will happen.  Will William Wilson make the political announcement of his career?  Has Jon Pulino overused his Christopher Walken impression?  Where will the crew go out to eat after the show and if so where? (Answer: Whoever has the cheapest specials).

 The show airs live at 8:00 P.M. and as always, the show takes live calls at 860-613-3031.


  1. Thanks for publishing the show. The music was great and the insight about KIDS'ART SPACE was spectacular.. JP

  2. I remember when those guys had on Rob Simimons and they asked him "Who shot JR?"

    Funny stuff,as simmons thought due to his CIA past they were going to ask abourt JFK.,.


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