Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Your Daily Spin: Hyper Hyperbole

Rep. Matt Lesser (D) and bff Mayor Dan Drew went to President Obama's inauguration this past weekend. Drew's wife's family and Lesser's family are both from the DC area, so no doubt it was a good opportunity to visit family as well and rub elbows with the up & up- we take no issue with this everyone should get a break. The two also sent photos from the Democratic National convention, the Mayor sent photos of himself posed with celebrities in attendance. It is assumed the state Democratic Committee paid  the convention trip.  Last spring coincidentally during the height of  cherry  blossom season, taxpayers funded a trip (read here)home to see the fam for Drew under the guise of his desperately needing to meet with CT Rep. Rosa DeLauro at the capital to expedite an already underway process of getting the army lands in  the Westfield section back in the hands of the City. But the Insider ask's why send photos of yourself to the local media and claim you are representing Middletown? Can't you just be honest, and say you took a little vacation? Spin it baby!
While in DC, Drew and Lesser went to the Murphy celebrations with Big Dan aka Gov. Dannel Malloy. 
Are rumors around City Hall say Drew has been picked up Senator Chris Murphy's administration, and may be packing his bags this spring true? 
Pics from the road trip published in Middltown Patch:


  1. How many times was John Milardo on comp during his time with the city? That's our dime....SEEK THE TRUTH

  2. John's comp and his wife's knowing he was Te'oing it cost more than China and DC trips

  3. To anonymous' who are always mentioning me no matter what the store line is about......I think you're in love with me and to shy to tell me. You know, like when the little boy is pulling the little girls hair in kindergarten.

  4. Milardo responded before, he never went on comp time get a life!

  5. Worker's comp is paid by insurance the City carries. Not directly by the City. Drew's excersions are paid for directly by the taxpayers.

  6. Ha ha even with a HS education and spell check he still can't spell!


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