Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Dear Parents: Open Your Wallets

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Price of school lunches to increase at all Middletown public schools.

Don't forget this: The Mess this week published an article about superintendent salaries in Middletown and the rest of CT. However, the Insider came up with different numbers than what the Mess claimed, their article did not take into account stipends and exponential increases.The article claims Middletown's superintendent is 6th highest paid in state, yet is relatively comparable to what other superintendents of districts similar in size earn.

  Last month the Insider published the Superintendent's contract
 ( here) .
The legalese is not always easy to understand; so we have broken it down below and done the yearly percentage increases:

For 2012/13 Charles will receive:   Base Salary $187,000 + $15,000 to her retirement fund, $3,000 bonus for having a doctorate degree + $6,500 for mileage = $211,500.00 for the year
For 2013/14 Charles will receive:  Base Salary a minimum of $191,675 + $19,168 to her retirement fund,  + $3,000 for having a doctorate degree + ,$6,500 for mileage = $220,343 for the year
For  2014/15 Charles will receive: Base salary a minimum of $196,467 + $19,648 to her retirement fund, $3,000 for having a doctorate degree and $6,500 for mileage = $225,615 for the year.

The superintendent also receives an increase anytime a principal gets a raise as to maintain the salary spacing. 



  1. When the BOE raised prices they were told it was because of labor and benefit costs. That's not what this letter says. Which is it Dr. Charles?

  2. And the food is NASTY! Processed junk. The chicken nuggets look like recycled paper! And this food is healthy?

  3. We are getting hosed. They get grants for fresh fruits and vegetables....somebody has some explaining to do.

  4. Why do we have to pay more for the crap they feed our kids so they can pay the head caf manager's retirement?


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