Sunday, December 09, 2012

Guest blog: Fred Carroll on Washington St. Development

Last week guest blogger local Fred Carroll went to  N.E.A.T.'s monthly meeting. At the meeting the developer's from Centerplan Inc. presented their vision for the proposed development on Washington & High Street across from Pearl Street which has been generating much controversy. The development is supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Dan Drew ( who even held a press conference to show his excitement). The development is opposed by some local community members such as BOE member and Middletown Eye blog founder Ed. McKeon who has blogged quite a bit on the subject and started a facebook page: No Wrecking Ball No Strip Mall.
Such a proposed development, originally backed by Wesleyan University as a site for a new campus bookstore, would require a change in zoning to allow such a commercial endeavor.  The Insider recently covered the topic in an earlier piece:
Drew, notably absent from the N.E.A.T. meeting.

Now that Wesleyan has backed out of supporting the deal, the Insider has observed Mayor Drew doing the "Denial   Dance " shuffle as he tried to distance himself from his first statements of support- similar to what he did when he first did not support the Senior Center at Eckersley Hall project. When seniors turned out in full force to support the Eckersley Hall project, Drew did a 180 as to not loose face or the key voting block. Drew told the media last week he only supported the Centerplan project when Wesleyan backed it. Hmm so Wesleyan University developing a controversial area its ok, but someone else doing it  not so? Or is it that many key community members, particularly Democrats who represent a substantial voting block, have shown they oppose this plan and you are worried of loosing support? This truly begs the question, when this mayor supports or does not support something, is it in Middletown's best interest or his own?? Open mouth and insert foot Dan.

In Fred Carroll's own words:

So just a few weeks ago word got around that Wesleyan was planning to put a big box book store at about Washington and Pearl, here in Middletown. As usually happens when something really stupid comes down the pike some righteous citizens rallied, raised their voices and said; "Now hold on just a cotton pickin' minute there, Pilgrim..."...and like an actual equine, perhaps startled by an autistic woodchuck standing blithely in the middle of the path, the Horse Of Progress reared back on it's hind legs, verily throwing off it's rider-Wesleyan. Where the thing stands now is; no Wesleyan, no bookstore, and not necessarily even a box, but if there is a box built, it will be a very well built box, as this is a premier developer, according to Peter Harding, who apparently knows a thing or two about box building.......And while I have your attention, these N.E.A.T. meetings are worse than silly-somebody has to say it!


  1. Fred Carroll, the H.L. Mencken of Middletown, annoying powerful interests. Well said Fred!

  2. Well said, but where are the articles against Danno and company on the other blogs.. This isn't good for the Village People, except for the Indian he was the best dancer.


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