Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election Results & Conclusion

      Middletown residents voted overwhelmingly across the board yesterday for Democrats proving party affiliation matters most in this City. It can also be surmised that national party identification translates to local voting tendencies as well. This does not surprise the Insider that many locals cannot make this jump. Many individuals say they vote for the candidate and not that party, but in reality do not. 

    We have received numerous sentiments supporting Republican candidates, but, asking that we do not publicly acknowledge them because they do not want their neighbors or liberal friends to know they have crossed party lines. 
     Sadly, as a result of the contentious presidential election, this  fear of peer pressure and persecution from both sides against friends and family with rivaling views was illustrated in heated arguments on social media sites through out the country. Have you expressed your political persuasion at all this year and gotten an ear full from a "friend" on your facebook wall? Have you felt the need to put your two cents in when someone you know shows who their picks are on their wall? Our case in point; free speech resulting in unsolicited advice on both sides was rampant!
     It does no good to claim one supports a candidate but do so privately! This election proved this point.
       City residents chose to re-seat two decade plus long incumbents (Serra, DeLauro) proving the "new blood" adage irrelevant. 84% of eligible voters came out for the presidential election. To say the Democrats were the only party to advocate for women and minorities was a falsehood that stuck around all through this election. Democrats exploited this exaggerated myth to their advantage. 
    The walking contradictions to the lie spread by Democrats that conservatives don't care about women, family, and minorities being Republican candidates  Len Suzio, Wayne Winsley, Deborah Kleckowski, Callie Grippo.  Winsley, a minority, unfortunately could not overcome the DeLauro machine, which campaigned heavily this cycle in minority communities. Delauro campaigned in   Middletown churches with predominately minority parishioners for example, specifically under the guise of " explaining Obamacare to women" as we reported earlier this year. We hope Winsley stays in the game and his plan of economic reform & development don't end with this bid for office.
      The surprise of the night was the dent the new face on the block Republican Callie Grippo put in the cult like following of 22 year incumbent Joe Serra's tally. The Insider hopes to see Grippo back in two years to finish the job!
     Kleckowski held steady over Lesser; the Insider feels and had this not have been such a contentious presidential election year, she could have easily over taken Lesser for the 100th Distric.t Again, Wesleyan (of which ironically Kleckowski is a graduate of, but we are doubtful students know that, and Lesser a drop out of), with the aide of the Middletown Democratic Town Committee, provided pizza and buses to to get students to the polls.
     Probably the most unfortunate results of the evening were that of the close race between one term incumbent Suzio and Bartolomeo who eeked ahead with 450 votes. Suzio championed the cause to end the early release program of violent criminals such as sex offenders, rapists, and murders. He also lead the fight to suspend the crippling gasoline tax. The week before the mayor's of both Middletown and Meriden, orchestrated by Bartolomeo, held a press conference on false charges of push polling by the Suzio campaign. During the press conference, both mayor's admitted that there was no evidence to prove the allegation. Suzio also used his position to advocate and vote for spending cuts at the state and vowed not to raise taxes, something which no Connecticut Democrat in office has stated on record to date.
     The Insider surmises (because Suzio's messages were SO clear) that Middletown and other 13th District residents enjoy the gas tax, higher taxes all around, and are ok with the release of violent offenders into our community! Hey, maybe they are relatives, you never know. We hope Suzio makes a come back and sticks around to keep the vital messages he put forth out there.
      Our own blogger SteadyJohn pointed out that National commentator Bill O'Reiley summarized the presidential election as this:
"It's about FREE STUFF, at least half of the nation's folks want FREE STUFF! The murders of four Americans at Benghazi mean nothing to the drones and leeches. Only the military can save us now. Until now the generals have been quiet lap dogs in uniforms licking the master's boots. The usurpation in our highest office continues unopposed; it's the end of America the Beautiful."

     While one theory out there is that the increased dependency on government aide attached with larger government, caused voting strictly across party lines in favor of the Democrats who advocate this dependency; hope should not be lost for our country or Middletown community.

     An Anonymous commenter left a statement on our previous post this morning saying: ""Haha you lost completely across the board. Be nice and respect people you disagree with, it may come to help you in the future." 

     Staff at the Insider unanimously agree that this is something we should never do, nor should readers. NEVER stop questioning your government. Elected officials are not deities to be feared, worshiped, and "respected" without fault.  NEVER suck up to get favors. Its that simple. To disagree civilly is what the Constitution is based on. The First Amendment allows for this blog to exist and allows for us to examine our government and force transparency; something  we owe ourselves to do. 
Working together does not mean blind acceptance of status quo in federal government or on even the small scale locally right here in Middletown. The "favor system" of who knows who can end if we want it to.
(Of course when the same faces who hurt the system are voted in over & over, this can't happen... )

     The Insider would like to congratulate all the victors of the election no matter what party! We sincerely hope that the Democrats this time around take steps to actively stop the persecution of conservatives, work across the aisle for once, and over all stop bleeding tax payers dry! Working families are hurting, education is hurting; that hurt is something that surpasses party divisions, races, ethnic groups, sexes, sexual orientations, religions etc. -it is a universal hurt.  Time to move forward.

The complete precinct by precinct results from the City Clerk are here:

Question #1, $37M appropriation and bond for connection to the Mattabassett Regional Sewer Project
YES: 11,003
NO: 4,942
Question #2, $4.85M appropriation and bond for Senior Community Center at Eckersley Hall
YES: 10,881
NO: 5,259
State Assembly District 33
Joe Serra(D): 6,349
Callie Grippo(R): 2,519
State Assembly District 100
Matt Lesser (D): 6,673 
Deb Kleckowski (R): 3,055
State Senate District 9
Paul Doyle (D): 8,871
Joe Dinunzio(R): 3,024
State Senate District 13
Danté Bartolomeo (D): 3,886
Len Suzio (R): 2,704
U.S. House District 3
Rosa DeLauro (D): 12,833
Wayne Winsley (R): 3,802
U.S. House District 1
John Larson (D): 1,493
John Decker: 599
Michael DeRose: 43
Matthew Cora: 10
U.S. Senate
Chris Murphy (D): 12,487
Linda McMahon (R): 6,470
Paul Passarelli: 396
Barack Obama (D): 13,830
Mitt Romney (R): 6,105
Johnson: 206
Anderson: 76
Jill Stein: 31
Tom Hoefling: 2


  1. Summery: Bla bla Bla, People lie about electing candidates not parties.

    Bla bla bla. We wont stop disrespecting democrat's.

    Bla bla bla. Excuses Excuses, Woulda coulda. Here is the results.

    ---Look at all those D's!

    Maybe... just maybe if conservatives weren't a bunch of jerks like you prove yourselves to be on this page you might get votes.

    Maybe if you TOOK A STAND against the radical BS other republicans had said in this national election you would have looked reasonable and intelligent.

    Instead you ignore the BS that you party does and harp on petty issues on the Dem side. This Blog wont ever be taken seriously until this is realized.

    Objectivity not subjectivity will gain the attention you need.

  2. This so called "free stuff" cost money as someone has to pay for it. That will be the taxpayers while others will continue to suckle off the state and countries teet. This will continue as long as hard working American's keep voting the same people in office expecting different results.

  3. It is appropriate to copy the work of The Eye's elections coverage, but only if you provide proper credit with a prominent web link.

    Otherwise it is lazy stealing.

  4. The spread sheet linked is available from the Town Clerk (sent to us by a reader), the same was uploaded by an Eye blogger and hosted on their domain for viewing, this one is uploaded here and available for viewing on our host with our own link-

    Reporting election results how is that copying work in anyway????

  5. Hmmm, a list of results posted on The Eye contains errors and omissions, and then a list posted on The Insider contains the exact same errors and omissions in the exact same order.
    Amazing coincidence, or lazy copying? Let the reader decide.

  6. I could give a crap if they copied results or not- its results- its facts not individual work-
    The Patch and Press posted results as well- numbers changes as votes are counted.

  7. What a bunch of hypocrites the Eye people are. During last few months, SD has copied a few articles about a body found at Remington Rand which is okay, I guess. The articles were written in the inverted pyramid style and a few words were changed to make it seem original. The Insider re-posted PUBLIC election results. So up yours EYE!

  8. Dear Middletown INsider:

    Don't respond to the EYE's critics! Trust me it's the EYE. They are losing their ground even during an election year. They claim the INSIDER is full of hate speech, but their chief is constantly spewing venom on his FB account even after the woman lost the election. He is an elected official who campaigned on numerous promises, but as of yet we haven't seen a budget. I know, he's your friend and a DEM so the rules don't apply to him. I for one thought the INSIDER was stupid at first, but one things is true, they are not hypocritical like you guys and girls. Maybe you should blog about your buddies that run the non-profits- do they really help society or are your friends just milking the salaries.

    S. Silvestro.

  9. Len was a good State Senator but like some other Republicans he fell victim to the DEM machine which is full of $ and vigor and nastiness. Let's be real, the DEMS have controlled the State Senate and the State House since 1973, so it's really tough to blame it on the GOP, but it works every time because CT voters are quite dumb and in a "battered wife syndrome" keep coming for more.

  10. Agree about the Eye chief. An arrogant bully. MI rules!

  11. "Kleckowski held steady on Lesser"

    --but lost nearly 3 to 1.

    What would a strong campaign have looked like?


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