Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Guide 2012 & Superlatives!

Staff at the Insider would like to provide readers with the following election guide in the form of superlative awards we have selected for some of our favorite people active the community this past election cycle!

Journalism Awards:
Most Unbiased & Equal Middletown Media Coverage: Cassandra Day Editor of Middletown Patch
Most Biased, Poorly Quoted "Coverage": Viktoria Sundqvist, Middletown Mess
Best Hair: Eye reporter  FishMuscle Devoto
Best Sense of Humor: Middletown Insider for our "jejune-ness"

Candidate Awards:
Candidate with Best Traffic Updates and Gratuitous Press Releases: Matt Lesser
Most Humble & Least Likely to Sleep Ever if Elected Candidate: Deb Kleckowski

Candidate Most Likely to Become an Air Traffic Controller based on hand signal usage when speaking: Rosa DeLauro
Most Handlers & most in need of handlers: Rosa DeLauro
Best Speaker with the Most Common Sense: Wanye Winsley

The Duh Duh Um Um Ahhh Distinguished Speaker Award: Big Dan "Call Me Dannel" Malloy
Most Likely to Hold  Press Conference Based On Lies: Lil' Dan Drew

Best Entrance for Crashing said Press Conference: Senator Len Suzio

Most Likely to Receive Endorsements from People Whom Never Met Him: Matt Lesser

Most Likely to be Recast as Roseanne Barr's character in the remake of the 1989 film "She-Devil": Dante Bartolomeo

Most Likely to campaign on City/Tax-payer funded Time & get photographed doing so: tie- Mayor Dan Drew and Serracrat Cousin Dir. of Water & Sewer Guy Russo

Honorary Awards:
Most Family Oriented: tie- Councilwoman Hope Kasper, for Hiring her Unqualified Son in Law a Job at the BOE Administration, Councilman Tom Serra, for insisting hired employees "worship" here and fulfil his incestuous fantasy of having only "chosen" individuals in every city department. Also for hiring a City Attorney who worked for the National Democratic Committee, whom then upon moving to town can become a Dem Town Committee member and well, you get the picture....

The Clinton Couple in Politics Award For Most Dynamic & Least Understood Marriage: Councilman Bob Santangelo and wife Registrar of Voters/Co-Mayor Lisa Santangelo


  1. Haha you lost completely across the board. Be nice and respect people you disagree with, it may come to help you in the future.

  2. To Anon: I think the entire creation of the Insider is a great one. SOme of their things are a little too much, but they have a sense of humor and at times do get quite insightful about the town. It is obvious (??) that the some of the writers are town employees who feel upset about certain issues or policies with regard to their jobs, but hey, it's America so let them write what they want. As for disrespecting those they disagree with in the blog? I don't see it that way, I see the left,which in CT is huge, will start their machines to do anything to surpress anything that comes from the right. (I.e. Suspension of early release program, high gas prices etc.) IT's all about politics people! The Insider is funny and does not take it self too seriously unlike other blogs that used their cyber prescense to get elected (No issue here) and then as an official doesn't make good on promises.

  3. To Anonymous 2:37 Am,

    I find the Insider is pretty callous myself when it goes on specific and calculated attacks of Elected Officials and City Employees. I am glad to see that the Insider doesn't take itself serious, but how about the people you slander for your laugh. You are a product of the path you choose Insider, don't whine like its not fair when you find what is at the end of the road you chose.

  4. Callous? How about the wrongdoings of the officials and corrupt politicians they are appointing out??? Callous? Drew doesn't even obey the rules conducting council meetings! No BRAVE! And much needed! They are shedding light on things Santangelo, Serra and all the corrupt ones don't want us to see! If not for them Frechette might still be bleeding us dry- oh wait he still is on the payroll!
    Insider sticks up for taxpayers and the little guys and it is about time some one did- The Press, Eye, Patch- all one sided- Its time all sides are out in the open!

  5. Dear Anon 2:37:

    Do you really believe the people in power wouldn't sue if they felt slandered? Come on, let's be real. Is it slander to say that Dan Drew went to China and lied about checking with the other members of the common council? I think the issue is that you don't want the INSIDER to write about anything negative the powers that be do.. Is it true that Lisa Santangelo bullies her way across city hall? Oh yeah! Is it true that George Souto told Drew,"If you don't tell Lisa to stay away from me and stop harassing the moderators." Is that false or slander? It happened! Since she is a liberal it's okay, but I bet if she were a member of the GOP it would be called abuse.

  6. I'm honored with your awarding me this! Thank you very much!
    Cassandra Day


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