Monday, November 05, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Kleckowski is Fiscally Responsible

Currently the 100th district is represented by a two-term incumbent. During the last several months he participated in developing and writing the Democrat platform, participating as a delegate at the Democratic National Convention
     During the summer months the Democratic Party worked diligently to develop the Party platform specifically noting the importance of the Community Colleges in the education landscape. For me what makes these details so interesting is anyone interested in how the State of Connecticut choose to spend stimulus money designated for the State can go online at find the following:
1. As of June 20, 2012 Yale University was awarded $149,561,891 in stimulus funding. Second only to the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

2. Middlesex Community College, located within the 100th district received a grand total of $0 in stimulus monies.

     The intent of this letter is not to dispute the merits of the grants awarded to Yale University. Of the 323 grants awarded many were designated for medical research However, for me it does raise questions about the priorities for investment in higher education. In these difficult economic times our state and federal elected officials ought to have directed a portion of stimulus monies to Middlesex Community College.
     While the current representative for the 100th district may not have been able to directly dictate how stimulus grants were awarded, any efforts on his part to represent the community college in his district must be deemed unsuccessful. While our current representative may envision himself in command of a larger world vision of higher education at some point I believe he must simply be an advocate for the citizens of the
100th district and the state institutions within that district.
     The republican candidate, Deborah Kleckowski, was raised in Middletown. She is a graduate of Wilson High School, Eastern CT ST University and earned a Master’s degree from Wesleyan University. She has dedicated the last 25 years of her professional career as an advocate for educational opportunity and access especially for low-income/first
generation students.
     Deborah Kleckowski’s professional experience, unwavering commitment to education and the community make her the superior candidate for the 100th district and the representative we deserve.

Beverly D. Talbot-former Middletown resident

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