Monday, October 08, 2012

Presidential Debate Haiku Contest Winners!

The Insider did not get many participants, but instead we got two great locals who did a fabulous job with the Presidential Debate Haiku challenge! And to our surprise and delight we got a bi-partisan response! Our first thought for prizes was cheese with our logo - in homage to government issued blocks of cheese, but the submissions were so good we are offering more "beefy" prizes and choose 2 contest winners! The Insider staff will be mailing Jane Flanders Majewski and John Brush (aka SteadyJohn) each $15 Gift Certificates to Five Guys Burgers and Fires on Washington Street! Thanks to both Middletown poets! 

Romney zested up
Obama needing prompter
Mile high air defeats

By John Brush (SteadyJohn)

Romney is your man?
Rude,loud and flip flop platform
LYING is his plan!

Romney still your man?
Defunding education
Big bird gets the can?

Obama lost debate
Voters know what really counts
He's still our candidate!

By Jane Flanders Majewski


  1. Interesting choices for Haiku contest winners. Thank you for choosing my ditty as one of the winners. Hamburgers, Yum!

    Here is my thank you Haiku:

    Haiku contest winners two
    Choices made all fairness
    Obama or Romney sure

  2. Hahahahaha thanks! I have to say if being a republican was decided just on the character of the local republicans- id be one! Love you guys-

    And my house has turned into a haiku nightmare- a 9 year old is now writing haiku about everything from kitties to her teachers in school-
    Thanks for such a gift!
    Jane m


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