Monday, October 08, 2012

Illegal Alien Mass Voter Fraud Discovered in Florida

This is an amazing report from the NBC news affiliate in Florida. Interesting that Florida is a swing state too.  Wait, here it comes the old Liberal Dribble: "Well, George Bush cheated in Florida in 2000 against Al Gore."

One needs to remember that the Bush/Gore 2000 election was essentially decided by a decision rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court.

"On the principal issue (of whether the Equal Protection Clause was violated), the vote was 7-2-not even close," Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told an audience at Wesleyan University last March.


  1. Anonymous Insider Editor:

    Glad to see some TV reporters actually digging into a story, and uncovering some uncomfortable facts.

    However, the reporter was clear to announce that he was not sure if they were illegal aliens, as your hysterical headline indicates. And "mass voter fraud," is hyperbolic when the reporter found 94 discrepencies in a state with 11 and a half million voters. That's .0008%.

    Maybe you should have reported this Republican voter registration scandal:

  2. Dear Ed- come back when you can explain how you are so much of an improvement on the BOE- the taxpayers don't know that the new super has a $50k raise over Frechette and mileage- looks like you didn't read once again- thanks for nothing- Let's keep the focus on you and Middletown

  3. Ed would prefer to divert attention away from his actions at the BOE - big fat superintendent contract, adding positions there is no money for, trying to move the meetings out of council chambers so the public can't watch them (him). And because this is Middletown, he has been bullying to keep the most Title I tutors in the smallest school where HIS children happen to go.

  4. We can publish the Yahoo story if we get permission to balance the scale a bit with regard to Voting Fraud in Florida. It may take 3-4 days for permission from the publisher.

    Dear ANON 5:25- To you have proof to back up your claims?

  5. It would be very upsetting if these posters are correct about the new superintendent's contract. Can the contract be obtained through FOI?

  6. Dear Readers,

    Ed doesn't want the details of the new super's contract to get out because the BOE was in contract negotiations with the teachers.

    Imagine the morale of the teachers to know they have to take a hit in their wallets yet again while the new super gets the big increase in salary and bennies.

    Its do as I say not as I do once again.

  7. We have written to

    a few times about the story to no avail.

  8. This is one town, in one state. 100 voters. What does that do to nationwide numbers? Two people didn't know how they were registered, and may not have voted, but someone voted in their names. This is the fraud that voter ID laws will prevent. Note who is against voter ID laws, and you may have a hint on who is behind the fraud.


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