Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mayor Drew Breaks Historic Record! Shafts Local Parents & Kids

Drew to head to moon to lobby for Middletown Lunar Colony.
 In other news, transportation to  Park & Rec Youth Summer Camps cut
 in Mayor's adopted budget. Need a ride for your child?
Call Mayor's office to schedule pick up in Mayor Mobile.
It is fast approaching the 1 month mark for when Mayor Drew secretly went to China on Middletown's dime and behalf to secure trade with our far east ally. Upon his return Councilmember Pessina pressed Drew for a full report about the trip in order for tax payers to fully understand what they would be paying for and how his interactions with Chinese business consultants would benefit them. Drew, at the following Council meeting stated he was too jet lagged to have completed the report. It has been 1 month, and no report; yet Drew has found time to do more important things especially went it involved having his picture taken.  Drew has found time to pass out 17 separate accolades & awards  to locals in that time, showcase Rep. Rosa DeLaura around Middletown on two separate but well documented occasions, pull together a half baked budget that raises taxes yet cuts things like bus transportation to Park & Rec youth summer camps, & march in a parade during his recovery from apparently the longest case of jet lag ever on record! Mayor Drew is starting do things that rival the supernatural powers of Kim Jong  Li. The Insider would like to wish the mayor a speedy recovery so he can get back to his lobbying in Hartford  & DC as well as welcome Chinese businessmen who will jump start Middletown's economy single handedly during their visit on June 9th.
By the way Mr. Drew, at the Insider we think you owe an explanation to the 200 families of Middletown workers who are being laid off today at Pratt & Whitney and how your budget  & China trip & tax increase will help them. Representative Len Suzio made statements today that the Dept. of Labor should do all it can to help those laid off and offered to assist. The Insider will be thinking of those families today as who will no doubt be making tough financial sacrifices to make ends meet, our hearts go out to them.


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