Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Yankees - Red Sox Rivalry in Middletown

Where you stand in the intense rivalry between Boston's Red Sox and New York's Yankees has a geographical component. Typically if you live in Southwest Connecticut; i.e. Fairfield County chances are you are a Yankee fan and conversely Nutmeggers in Eastern Connecticut are largely fans of the Sox. In the middle region of the state such as here in Middletown loyalties are sharply divided and one is likely to find an approximately even division of fans. A video from "This Week in Red" (6/20/2011) highlights a poll which shows the distribution of the fans:

The Boston club celebrated the 100 year anniversary of their stadium, Fenway Park on Friday April 20th. The Red Sox put on an impressive pre-game commemorative program featuring appearances by scores of former players.
In what was surely the largest number of Red Sox ever assembled, 212 former players gathered Friday afternoon to help 36,770 fans celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. But, as has often happened here, 25 Yankees spoiled the party. (NY Times)

The Boston club went on to lose the game and even more disheartening the next game on Saturday where the Yanks came back from  9 to 0 with 2 out in the 6th to win running away in the final frames 15-9. All this is an amazing weekend in baseball which included a perfect game, only the 21st in history, pitched by the White Sox's Phil Humber against the Seattle Mariners. Please take our poll below...(In the spirit of full disclosure I am a lifelong Yankee fan)

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