Sunday, April 22, 2012

Got a date for April 26?? PACK THE COUNCIL CHAMBER ! Or else your taxes are going up!

APRIL 26  BUDGET HEARING- If you care about Senior Citizens or plan to be one  ( and do not want them stuffed into a closet sized addition onto City Hall which Dan's been cooking up), if you pay taxes in Middletown and cannot afford to pay more ( because Dan is raise'n em), if care about cuts to Education, work for the City or use Police,Fire, or City services and do not want these people shafted in retirement (btw the by law do not get social security), if you do not want added positions in the Mayor's office to do the Mayor's job for him (BTW Dan Drew will be the first Mayor of Middletown EVEN to need 2 extra assistants in addition to the ones provided... maybe if he spent less time in Hartford & China... patronage jobs? You Betcha!.)
...... PACK THE COUNCIL CHAMBERS APRIL 26 2012!!! 6:00 pm
Have you read your Mayors proposed budget with tax increases today??

The Democrats on the Common Council & Mayor Drew wrote this budget with you in mind and all are planning to support it- 
It's your dime Middletown let's not be lazy! PACK THE ROOM & GET COZY!!

This is so serious we don't even have a clever graphic!! If you don't speak up you cannot complain when you get your tax bill!


  1. People of Middletown need to put an end to the lies these politicans make every campaign to get, get control and they take care of themselves and their buddies only! Vote them out as fast as we vote then in. Drew has already gone back on way to many promises since he was crowned mayor. 1 year 6 months to go until elections. With the decisions he's making, maybe impeachment is a possibility. The people need to show up, speak up and let their disgust be know that finally enough is a enough. Essentially gambling such risk with people's retirments and livelihood is a sad sad commentary. Drew should truly be ashamed of himself. So many had high hopes for him. He's like another Obama with great talking capabilities, but can't walk the walk, and back up his talk.

    Time will tell. I sure hope the council votes no, and listens to the people.

  2. OMG he was really texting!!! How rude!! Is he like the Manchurian candidate or something?

  3. Like George Bush in Fahrenheit 911- I think.

  4. Justice 4 Shannon Blair!


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