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Censorship in the 21st Century: Facebook Style

Our Facebook account has been removed without warning after we  have been posting our views. People may have complained. If we annoy people that much we must being doing something right!  
The truth hurts, but still must get out.
Share our link  your facebook page- Middletown citizens have a right to know what's happening in their government.  Read a summary of recent local politics below-

In 1991, the techno pop group C+C Music Factory released their hit single “Things that make you go Hmmm,” a song about the art of pondering and speculating about the love lives of others.  Five hours ago, the editorial staff of The Middletown Insider pondered the news from the powers that be from Facebook that our Middletown Insider site has been taken down from circulation.  Why would a website that allows groups such as the hateful Ku Klux Klan and the ultra right wing John Birch Society to post their views remain on Facebook and ban the satirical, and at times controversial page of The Middletown Insider

The answer: The Insider, in it’s short life span has had over 3,254 hits in 4 weeks and has asked the local political questions that our beloved publications such as The Middletown Patch, The Middletown Press and The Middletown Eye have not.

Things that make you go Hmmm:
Issue 1: The Senior Center- After the city bought, under the leadership of then Mayor Sebastian N. Giuliano, the old Eckersley Hall/St. Sebastian building last fall for $800,000 with approximately $900,000 put aside for renovations with the intent of turning the building into a senior center and military museum for the community, the project was put in a turn around by new Mayor Daniel Drew who throw a wrench into the project by proposing a plan to expand city hall and make room for the ever patient seniors.  According to Friday’s edition of The Middletown Press, Senior Services Commission Chairman Ed Dypa “expressed shock and dismay after learning that Mayor Dan Drew hired an architect to look at the possibility of expanding city hall and including space for a senior center there.”  (Doesn’t address the Military Museum issue).    
The Insiders’ Verdict: If they do add onto city hall, keep an eye out for the name of  the building company.  Is it a donor to the Drew campaign? Does their name rhyme with ______________?

Things that make you go Hmmm
Issue 2: Dan’s trip to China- A trip to China in the middle of the night without word to certain common council members. That would be the GOP side if anybody cares.  I heard he brought back Pessina a fortune cookie.
The first issue Middletown citizens should have with Dan's midnight travel plans: Are you really leaving Bob Santangelo in charge of Middletown?  That’s like Joe Biden in charge of the country. With Santangelo in charge of Middletown he may try to invade Portland or rename  Lyman’s Orchids to Zippy's Apples or something nutty. He may even get his wife a job at the registrar of voters. (Too late- we're screwed!) Drew traveled to China in secret in order to protect his wife and children from the evildoers of Wesleyan Hills. (He’s a Dem, why is he worried. They don't even have their walking paths done yet). The trip wasn’t even voted on until the Monday of his return by the Common Council where Zippy Santangelo chewed out Councilwoman Salafia who had the gall to, get this: Question the Mayor! Yep, Councilwoman Salafia questioned the Mayor in public! Do not do this! You will get the Dem patrol after you with variations of, “How dare you,” or “He is bringing jobs to Middletown” or “We should reopen Valentino’s” (Not true, but it’s something John Robinson would have said).  Oh by the way, Dan’s trip cost the taxpayers $5,200 and he claims he will be bringing in jobs.  Mmmm, Let’s see, I own the Macintosh Computer Factory  and I can set up workers at a plant in China for $1.66 an hour or come to CT for minimum $12.33 an hour.. Stop  it! 
Verdict: Stay Home and show us the receipts!

Things that make you go Hmmm
Issue 3: Dan’s Trip to Washington D.C.-  Under the guise of getting the land from the Nike missile site on Mile Lane from the Feds, Dan Drew ventured to D.C. by plane on our Dime. (Spend spend spend)The guy has a phone or a computer.  Hell, even a telegram would have worked.  Why a meeting? Just reach out and call somebody and phone a friend.  Stop wasting our money on these antics.
  Everybody knows we can’t get the land from the feds until they decide to clean it up.  Can he send an e-mail to Rosa DeLauro or is she auditioning for the part of the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz remake by Tim Burton? Does that even make sense?
Okay, little known fact:  DD has family in the Virginia area so he decided to drop in on the big boys and girls and then pay the family a vist. On your DOLLAR!!  

The Verdict: Thank the Wesleyan voters who usually don't give two shits about Middletown who voted DD into the offices on DeKoven Drive.  Good job guys! What's next sue me for writing this column! You can bet your bottom dollar that my name won't be put on this thing.
Things that make you go Hmmm
Issue 4: - Dan’s Budget-  Drew budget includes 3.5 million cuts for education. (He criticized Giuliano on the same issue) and a small cut towards the town’s art programs.  If Dan were a member of the Republican Party he would labeled as someone that is anti-education or worse, some one that is anti-education.
Verdict: I guess we have to let our children suffer since Dan is a Dem.  "You are going to cut teachers in your budget proposal," was what candidate Drew said to then Mayor Giuliano last fall at the debate at Wesleyan University.  Mmm, cutting  3.5 million dollars to the education budget is a helluva lot of teachers and paraprofessionals who will more than likely lose their jobs. Right, you and Governor Malloy seem to have that covered with the Teacher Reform (aka Spend Money Committee). I guess it's okay for you to do it because you are a Democrat.   

Thanks For Listening!


  1. I am tired of paying for these people. The cycle of spend and borrow and spend and borrow continues. I wish the author had mentioned more about Drew's intentions to take monies from the PENSION funds to plug gaps in the budget.. Very weak!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The fact that we use facebook to promote out view is nothing new, nor a bad thing. Those who do not like it can unfriend. Which you did not do by the way.

    If you are reading the Press or Courant or whatever other news source and think you are getting the whole unbiased truth it is you who are ignorant. It is what is left out and not said or quoted is the issue.

    To believe any news source, online or in print is 100% unbiased is ignorant. Truth is a matter or prespective, and we are giving ours.

    Continuously negative? Well blame that on the negative behavior of the politicians you elected and ask them to behave, we just report what we see. Free speech is for all, not just those you agree with or find up-beat.

  4. Hey Blue Cat, this is just a blog with a particular point of view that can readily be challenged in the comments section. The real danger lies with the so-called Main Stream Media that claim to be neutral in their news reporting when they are in fact a campaign arm of the DNC. The scandal over Media Matters' directly feeding info to NBC is a disgrace.

  5. I have a problem with alcohol. And last night when I commented I was a bit harsh (and drunk).

    Let me try again... slightly sober.

    Most likely the reasons your Facebook account was deleted was because some facebookers complained (not I) that you were in fact not a real person. Your account was only an anonymous tool to promote your page. Eli Cannons, The Buttonwood Tree, and The Middletown Inn are a few other local business that have a 'person' Facebook account thats really their business. Though the things they talk about aren't as sensitive as the "insiders". You still have your Fan Page.

    About the Negativity. You do have some posts that aren't negative but for the most part the Middletown Insider should be called the Middletown Republican Insider. You never bash the other side. I suppose if there were more republican leaders in town for you to criticize then that may be a reason. But if I dont see any balanced criticism then I wonder how much the Insider really cares about all of Middletown.

    So anyhow. You should post your blogs on the Patch and the Middletown Press. It would spread your thoughts on matters to many more readers.

    Merry Easter!

  6. During the election, many local Republicans and others not necessarily Republican wrote to the Press or commented, only to have their letters and posts deleted & IP's blocked. We are not a Republican only blog, that's just who we agree with lately. Most people are not aware of the bias of the main street media. People think they are getting the whole story, and as you have proven have no idea there is a whole other world out there. Get well soon Blue Cat

  7. Ps. Blue Cat- a POSITVE note- Mayor Drew decided to give some seniors a tax break- GOOD JOB Mayor!!-

    Reality: It equates to very few seniors who are already way below a livable income level and only about a $50 break if they qualify. The original plan Drew proposed during his campaign was for the seniors to work off their debt via volunteer work, similar to the feudal system.

    By the way, Mayor Giuliano proposed a senior tax break, only to be vetoed repeatedly by the Democratic controlled council. Drew steps in and poof they pass it because it was thought up by a fellow Dem.

    When certain politicians the Insider has come down on start doing a better job, we will be the first to give them all gold stars and praise! Course if people only want to hear the positive spin on things and have 1/2 of what is really said at meetings just not written about - then continue to read the Courant, Press, and others. Again, most people are not even aware of the information they are missing, or the ridiculous actions by some politicians that are dismissed or just not mentioned- these news sources are extremely biased.

    The Patch does a decent job of giving fair time to all sides, the Eye used to but has declined, we hope to fill the large gap that still exists.

  8. I saw that you joined the Patch. You able to post the same blog on there as you post here. Fun pics and all. At the end of your blog direct people to this website as well as liking your Facebook page. Your partnership with Patch is mutually beneficial.

  9. Our job is to take on things we see wrong within the community. As a taxpayer I have that right as does any other citizen. What could we attack republicans on since they little to no say in the city government. Now if they would gain power, then they pulled something like a trip to China, or changing the Senior Center destination. Then that would be a problem, no matter who it is.

  10. I actually like this blog! If they press was objective and did real investigating reporting we would definitely see what is going on. I didn't even know who the mayor was until I started reading.. Thanks!


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