Sunday, April 08, 2012

Mayor Drew's Design of Senior Center Addition Released!

Mayor Drew wants to sell the already purchased Eckersley Hall, toss the  program studies previously completed, and schematic designs that were being done by an architect selected by public bid, and build a cheaper addition to City Hall for a Senior Center. Forgoing an "optional" public bid process & design competition, Drew has hired an architect under the "professional services" line item. Perhaps the Mayor brought back some drywall for the project from his recent week long tax payer funded trip to China.
 Like his secret trip to China on our behalf, Mayor Drew failed to inform the Building Committee which has met weekly for over a year to plan the Senior Center project that he decided on an alternative study &; already hired an someone to perform the services.
It was brought to the Insider's attention this morning that this is the same mayor that originally wanted seniors to "work off " their real estate tax relief with his proposed
"tax credit for volunteer hours" progam for seniors.  Giuliano had repeatedly tried to pass numerous tax breaks for seniors only to be vetoed by the Democratically controlled Council. While the Insider applauds a senior tax break,  Drew's original campaign promise forcing the seniors have to work for it the Insider feels was insulting to seniors who have worked their whole lives and should be reaping those benefits. Unfortunately the tax break passed without the indentured servitude clause is only is available to a a few low income seniors and is approximately on average $50.
Question: Is Mayor Drew  pulling the rug out from under the seniors' highly anticipated new center, that by the way, was fully debated, approved and is already in the works?


  1. Absolutely hilarious! Obviously "Insider" wasn't invited to design the new center!

  2. I am so offended by the audacity of Mayor Drew – so new to office and already steeped in underhanded back door dealings. Whatever happened to your campaign promises of transparency? If you are not trying to deceive your beloved Middletown, then why are the citizens finding out about everything after the fact? Reserving a couple of rooms in an afterthought of an addition to city hall does not a Senior Center make. It’s insulting at best. I understand that you’ve been advised that the paid parking lots downtown would serve for your planned addition. Are you serious? They are not close enough. They are not convenient to use. Perhaps you could install a gauntlet at the entrance to the building as well….
    It is quite obvious that you just don’t care about our seniors. These are the people that raised and cared for us, the people who fought for our freedoms and you so blatantly disrespect them. Oh, that’s right – you’re a not that invested in this town – it’s just a stepping stone on the path of your illustrious political career. Good luck with that.

  3. At least with Giuliano you knew where you stood. He was very upfront with his politics, but this guy is sneakier than Nixon on a good day!

  4. Love the insider....finally a publishing of the reality of things as aposed to perception. Good ,....good stuff guys. Whoever you are. Middletown. A city that has become a place where you have to be afraid to tell the truth. Just like the movie. They can't handle the truth. Glad you all are exposing things.


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