Saturday, March 31, 2012

Public Hearing: Should Mayor Drew be reimbursed for going to China after the fact?

Mayor Drew has returned from his trip to China. Special meeting of Economic Development Committee for allocation of $5,500 for Mayor Drew's voluntary trip to China on Middletown's behalf." Funny, we don't remember being asked if our money should be spent for this nor was the Council or public privy to the presentation being given as a representation of us !!
Meeting to discuss reimbursement is on Monday, April 2nd @ 5:45 p.m. at City Hall Room 208. For those not aware, the trip has already taken place without any prior approval of the expense. The meeting being given less than a fifteen minute time slot which hardly seems like adequate time for public discussion is "assumed" to pass and is already on the agenda for the Common Council meeting that same night. what do you think? Either way, come voice your opinion at both meetings on Monday.
Certain officials do not think the public should have a say in this but you have a right to know!


  1. I think the operative phrase here is "Well, that's Middletown"! They apparently feel that this is a "perc" or "entitlement" of the "job". If he's spending money like a proverbial drunken sailor this soon I hate to think what the poor taxpayers of Middletown can expect down the road. Meanwhile, you know that this is going to be touted as the "Best $ 5,000.00 ever spent "for the future of business in Middletown""

  2. I agree Fred, when a DEM leader is questioned about a break in protocol or policy it becomes those "damn Republicans" just want to ruin the party." The issue with the China trip was the way it was conducted, illegally and unethical with an agenda that was rescinded in record time that would make Carl Lewis blush.

    Remember if a person is sitting high atop the DEM food chain (Lisa, Bob, and others. People from the media?) why would they rock the boat? If somebody does- they are given the proverbial axe. (Zimmitti, Kleckskowski, Filer, Tomassi) Note: Anne Tomassi was the Dem Reg of Voters and was replaced because she failed to get involved with the Santangelos and Drew with regard to their insane St. Sebastiano's moderator issue. Ironically enough, Lisa Santangelo is now being paid with money and benefits to do Anne's role. Anne was the portrait of honesty and ethical, can the same be said about Lisa? Please...

    If a Dem gets in trouble with law ala Jim O'Rourke or Tom Gaffney it's all about due process and not what's about right..

  3. It is unethical for the wife of a sitting councilman who will in again to be registrar. Relatives of politicians can't olinteer at the polls nevermind be the damn registrar!!!

  4. What does he know about economic development? NOTHING!!! Now another trip to Europe. Taxpayers watch your mil rate go up. Maybe he's being groomed for Hilary's job. I know, the next trip should be a one way ticket to the moon.

  5. Perhaps Wesleyan students would be willing to foot the bill? After all, they're the one's who elected him.

  6. We have always worked, saved money, and try to live below our means.We put our kids through catholic school, bought used cars, clipped coupons, shopped consignment, use the library. I don't want dog parks, bike paths, skating rinks. Drew talked about high property taxes, esp for seniors , when he lied his way into office. I know someone who really needs the senior break. Guess what "discount" she got? $50!!! And now taxes are going up hundreds...AGAIN. Voters, remember to VOTE OUT THE DEMOCRATIC COMMON COUNCIL. They have overspent since the democrats have been a majority. Run the city as we run our homes- ON A VERY VERY CAREFUL BUDGET.


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