Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bob Santangelo: Potty Mouth- You Decide!

According to sources close to city hall, Deputy Mayor Bob Santangelo called a fellow councilman (who wishes to remain anonymous) a derogatory term during a special session of the common council last week.  The sources go on to add, that the anonymous councilperson plans to, "deal with the situation on his own."


  1. Not very professional coming from the Deputy Mayor calling a fellow councilman a name during a meeting. Then making the statement. When questioned about it by the councilman Bob "said what are you going to do about it". Is this the top of behavior we the taxpayers should expect from our elected leaders?

  2. I agree WmWallace: This guy is the same one that refused to let the public speak at meeting at the police station last fall. Both Santangelos are out of control, the wife is now in the Deputy Reg. of Voters (DEM). Isn't this a conflict due to her husband being the Deputy Mayor? Mmmmm. Dems are not for the Middleclass, they spin and spin and spin and Middletown folks continue to buy into it. .

  3. I don't know Bob S has been very creepy since he became Deputy Mayor..

    To Anon: 8:10 P.M. YOu are correct, Santangelo and Serro and Kasper walked out of a Public Safety meeting because the Gadfly was there. Hey guys, um, aren't you public figures perhaps you should get thicker skins?


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