Saturday, July 07, 2018

Matt Corey Challenges Walkabout* Chris Murphy to “Work a Day in My Shoes”

Matthew Corey with employees
Matt Corey, center, and his crew
Unlike Chris Murphy, Matt Corey has already visited -- and worked in -- nearly every town and city in Connecticut

The Navy Veteran, union-member and small-business owner
 knows first-hand the challenges
 facing Connecticut families.

Matt Corey, the Republican-endorsed candidate for the U.S. Senate, is challenging Chris Murphy to depart from his summertime walkabout* in Connecticut to actually experience what it’s like to work for a living in Connecticut.

“I am inviting Chris Murphy to join me for just one day as I clean the windows on a high-rise building in Connecticut,” he said.  “I will pay him the going rate or I will donate the equivalent of his daily wage to a non-profit Veterans group, if that is what he wishes.”

Like most everyone in Connecticut – excluding, of course, Chris Murphy and his colleagues in Connecticut’s elite seven-member delegation to Washington -- Matt Corey works 50 weeks a year to earn a living.

That’s a far cry from the pampered, ‘meetings-and-speeches-only’ lifestyle of Washington, D.C. insiders like Chris Murphy.

“I am confident I can share with him scores of stories about
McKinnons Irish PubConnecticut workers, families and businesses struggling to keep pace, let alone get ahead, in the economic morass of Connecticut.”

“That is the real-world knowledge that our representatives in Washington, D.C are sorely lacking.  And if Chris doesn’t want to experience the work, or carry that message, I do.”

“Plus, Chris will be able to add some real-life work experience to his resume -- which might come in handy for him come January!’

*Walkabout -- wander around from place to place in a protracted or leisurely way.

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