Saturday, July 07, 2018

CCDL - Republican Primary Endorsements

(Groton, CT) - The Connecticut Citizens Defense League releases the following endorsements for the Republican state-wide primary elections. 

The Executive Committee of CCDL endorses the following primary candidates:
Lt. Governor - Joe Markley

Governor - Tim Herbst

Attorney General - Sue Hatfield

State Treasurer - Art Linares

Statement on the Gubernatorial Race:
After careful consideration and a spirited debate among the CCDL executive committee, the organization has selected a gubernatorial candidate for the Republican primary. As an organization, we are pleased that several candidates have expressed a willingness to embrace the rights of law abiding gun owners, and that they will work to protect our constitutional rights against further misguided erosion.
While we had several good choices, our state’s elections are winner takes all. The consensus of the committee is that the primary candidate we feel will best preserve our 2ndAmendment rights in the Governor’s office is Tim Herbst.

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