Sunday, April 22, 2018

Support Community Center in Vietnam Mission

primary image My friend, Regina Roundtree, is a missionary in Vietnam. Please help her mission by making a donation. The deadline is fast approaching, so do not delay! Do not share PUBLICLY on your Face Book or other social media pages.  (I have permission to share it, via the blog; the Vietnamese aren't likely to monitor them.)

"Many people have mixed feelings when they hear the word “Vietnam”. There are plenty of opinions about the Indochina/Vietnam/American War – use whatever name relates to your country.This country has been invaded numerous times and not because they attacked their neighbors but because someone wanted Vietnam’s land to profit from the country’s resources. Regardless of the politics, the children and the families are resilient and tenacious.

It only took two weeks in this beautiful country for me to fall in love with the people, the land and of course the coffee is awesome! I have been here over a year and plan to stay a few more years and help to establish the idea of community centers at the local level. Vietnam has community centers but they are run by the government and not very “kid-friendly”.The concept of a Boys and Girls Club or YMCA/YWCA does not exist in this area. Our home will be a pilot project to work out the kinks.

"Our home" - I have support here on the ground but I choose to keep their identities anonymous."

You can donate by following this link,

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