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Just Sayin’!! - Watching the rally of students . . .

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By Malcolm McGough
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Watching the rally of students today (Wednesday, 14Mar18) and the teachers and interest groups that encourage and support them.

Again, the left is using children as a prop; an emotional prop suggesting that we can live in a Utopia where the removal of guns will make them safer. Let’s place this in the context of “gun free” cities of Illinois, Maryland and many other states.

How is this promise of Utopia working out for those maimed and killed every day in these cities; cities controlled by evil criminals and gangs who run them, reigning down fear and death? I have mentioned this many times, but we must know our history to ensure we do not allow a repetition of the mass slaughter and subsequent dictatorial control of societies that once had the right to protect themselves by forcibly removing by evil administrations, if necessary. You know which societies these are and the devastation, incarceration and death these evil regimes brought down upon them.

Please don’t misinterpret my message here. I agree that college,
adult aged students, have the right to protest. But minors who are influenced by the ideological views of the predominantly liberal progressive teacher base, supported by funding from politicians and wealthy activists of the same ideology, is unhealthy and out and out wrong.

And, it is not limited to guns. It also crosses the line when it comes to abortion, gay marriage, family structure, gender identification and the many other leftist ideologies that permeate our schools and which are force fed to young impressionable minds. It is part of the classic Alinsky playbook. Remove God from society and make government the source of all that we need. Parents across this nation are being isolated, and they are falling into the trap that baby boomers fell into starting in 1947 with the SCOTUS ruling on separation of Church and State – the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the American people – they are remaining mute, for fear of being labeled or isolated from their children.

Just for a moment - Can you imagine the outrage from those currently promoting the activist actions of minors if the shoe was on the other foot, which by the way doesn’t happen? Imagine the outrage of the left if teachers and wealthy conservatives, for their own political agenda, promoted minor activist action in support of prolife, traditional marriage, prayer in school, marriage between an man and a woman and religious instruction? Remember, it was not that long ago that these values were the basic fabric of our society. A society that believed in a higher moral compass, and which based its decisions on this higher moral authority. It was a society that had a fundamental belief in life from conception, that God created male and female, and a child, wherever possible, deserves the right to have a father and a mother in their life. It was also a society that protected minorities from the burdens of the adult world, providing them a safe learning environment where they could learn the fundamentals of education, rather than the fundamentals of life, which was left, quite rightly, up to their parents to provide them.

And just as an aside, can you remember at any time where the left, ANTIFA, Black lives Matter and other radical left groups, including college administrations, condemned and shut down adults from speaking freely on college campuses and where safe spaces were provided to avoid debate or exposure to alternate views that promoted more conservative values? Now this, I contend, should be provided for our children in primary and high school, not in our colleges where the value of debate and diverse and opposing views should celebrated.

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Author Malcolm McGough
Author Profile:

Malcolm McGough is a retired Colonel from the Australian Army who immigrated to the US in 2009.  As is evident from his commentary, he is also a Christian.

After being detained by immigration officials in 2015 for a minor paperwork error, he gained status as a permanent resident.  He is awaiting removal of Conditions (normal process) before he applies for citizenship.   Dozens of his supporters (including this editor), attended his immigration hearing in Federal Court in Hartford CT, many giving testimony on his behalf.

Since moving to the United States, Malcolm has taken an interest in politics and American History.  He is a student of the US Constitution and has worked to support many Republican candidates at all levels of government.  Malcolm is a Patriot in every sense of the word.

He currently resides in Playa Del Rey, California and is Chief Executive Officer at Election Integrity Project California.  Prior to this he was on paid staff as California Political and Field Operations Director for Donald Trump For President and several statewide campaigns in CT, including Governor in 2014, Attorney General in 2010 and a US Senate exploratory committee in 2015.

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