Thursday, March 15, 2018

Just Sayin'! Our Moral Compass and Other Thoughts

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By Malcolm McGough
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Just watching and reading the various comments on what is happening in our society and the reason why we seem to be in decline . . .

First, we have taken God out of our society. The moral compass that the Founding Fathers knew came from God, has been removed and replaced by Government, and therefore; man's moral compass.

But, if we use man’s moral compass, which man I ask, should we use as our benchmark? What is happening is directly related to a 1947 ruling by SCOTUS on separation of Church and State that said we cannot have church involved in politics.

This is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the American people!
And it is a lie purposely planted by Sol Alinsky followers to remove God as our guiding light; to remove America as a beacon of light and hope for the world to follow. John Adams in 1778 was clear… Our Constitutional Republic cannot survive without a moral and religious foundation.

I speak across the state of California. I had 15 engagements in February, alone. I speak about America's Godly heritage and its relationship with Election Integrity Project's work to ensure the value of the vote of every person LEGALLY ENTITLED TO VOTE.

What is happening in this country is an attempt to control the masses; not unlike that in Russia, Germany, Cambodia, Venezuela, Central America, China, and so many other socialist countries.

It is our desire at Election Integrity, my desire, to speak to California, a state that has a major influence on America. California is a state and a people that need to believe that they are a leader; to understand that as goes California, so goes America. California is the KEY! All in California just need to believe it! But you can’t do it by being silent. For the 71 years since that horrendous ruling by SCOTUS that changed America, YOU remained quiet. Why? Because you were afraid of being called a bigot, a homophobe, a misogynist, or a racist; which you aren’t. 

But, you were afraid! Your biggest crime was that you did not speak out because you did not want to offend. You, Baby Boomers and I include myself in this group, created the ‘everyone gets a trophy, everyone needs to be promoted, no one is the winner; we are all winners, concept. 

You and me folks; we are responsible for where we are, right now. We are the ones that have created an environment that allow our young people to believe that the weapon is the problem, rather than the individual. 

The 2nd Amendment is the answer for protecting our schools. Raising the age of when you can buy a gun is not!

Let me see … in schools where officers were posted, we have not seen a lot of action from the officers, or responding officers, for that matter. Schools are designated "gun free zones", however - just how is that working out for us? We have protective officers posted outside banks, federal buildings, escorting politicians, riding trains and flying on our airlines – why not at our schools where our precious children are learning. They are our future and they need to grow in an safe environment, not a risk free environment.

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Author Malcolm McGough
Author Profile:

Malcolm McGough is a retired Colonel from the Australian Army who immigrated to the US in 2009.  As is evident from his commentary, he is also a Christian.

After being detained by immigration officials in 2015 for a minor paperwork error, he gained status as a permanent resident.  He is awaiting removal of Conditions (normal process) before he applies for citizenship.   Dozens of his supporters (including this editor), attended his immigration hearing in Federal Court in Hartford CT, many giving testimony on his behalf.

Since moving to the United States, Malcolm has taken an interest in politics and American History.  He is a student of the US Constitution and has worked to support many Republican candidates at all levels of government.  Malcolm is a Patriot in every sense of the word.

He currently resides in Playa Del Rey, California and is Chief Executive Officer at Election Integrity Project California.  Prior to this he was on paid staff as California Political and Field Operations Director for Donald Trump For President and several statewide campaigns in CT, including Governor in 2014, Attorney General in 2010 and a US Senate exploratory committee in 2015.

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