Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Republicans Should Die in the Most Horrific Manner Possible

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This post appeared on Face Book some time ago.  Prior to publishing it, I made every effort to contact Attorney Robert Skelley in order to get his comments.  Did he actually say that?  Did he really mean it?

I found at least two different phone numbers under his name.  All were disconnected.  Over a period of weeks I tried repeatedly to contact him through AVVO.   There was no response.  Face Book pages under his name have little or nothing to show, publicly. 

In his vile diatribe, Skelley calls for the slow, horrific death of Republicans.  He calls them traitors; the worst cancer on the planet.  He wants their deaths recorded and televised for all to see.

One can only conclude that he actually did say that, (hard as that is to imagine), and because of the repercussions, has performed a vanishing act.

Mr. Skelley, such hatred lay behind the Nazi movement that left millions dead.  There is no place for such wickedness in America.  You say you want war with Republicans?  I think you found it and in the process, got more than you bargained for; based upon your swift vanishing act, I'd say you got war from a majority of Democrats, too.

There are few in your camp and they are as impotent as you are.

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