Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Senator Chris Murphy Sides with Lawbreakers over American Citizens, Again

Photo from Fox 61
Murphy Supports Weaponization of Justice Department
By Matt Corey
"The memo that was released on the FISA warrant to spy on a Presidential Candidate is the most egregious abuse of power we have seen in American history. This goes to the core of our freedoms and hinders the confidence in our government. The most prestigious law enforcement agency and its rank and file deserve to have their credibility restored. The current Junior Senator Chris Murphy’s response to the abuse of power within his own Democrat Party is nothing short of cowardly."

"Senator Murphy's lack of concern for the rule of law shows his cowardice. If you’re not willing to do the right thing, even when its against the party you serve, the title of Senator before one’s name isn’t worthy of mention. The partisan politics and weaponizing of the Justice Department to defeat one’s opponent in an election seems to be acceptable in today’s Democrat party. The people of this country feel they are no longer in control of a Government that can no longer control itself. Americans used to be able to rely on elected officials to do the right thing, but one has to have conviction in their own character to do just that."
Matt Corey is a candidate for US Senate, running against Chris Murphy.
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