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Separation of Church and State - A Commentary

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By Malcolm McGough  (Author bio, below)

The 1947 ruling by SCOTUS on separation of church and state, in my view, is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the American people.  It set the stage for a massive transition to a darker side of the American culture and for the dilution of the influence of the Christian church and Christian principles in our society, our education, our administration at all levels of government, in our families, and yes, even the church.

Secularists, those that want to bring America back to the secular pack, have striven to remove God from our society.  They have worked incredibly hard this past 70 years to prove that America was not founded on Judaeo Christian principles.  They claim that God was never mentioned in the Constitution, that the constitution was written without reference to God or His word and they claim the founding fathers always intended there to be a separation of Church and State.

This position is diametrically opposed to the truth of the matter. The intent that God provide cover to what they, the Founding Fathers had developed, is clear.  (They were honoring God and therefore asking for His blessing by doing so.)  Article Seven of the Constitution is robust in its meaning and intent.  It says in part: “The Ratification of the Convention of States by unanimous consent of the state’s present, this Seventeenth Day of September 1787 in the Year of our Lord.”

The Framers’ declared that their work was done, that the Constitution, which included Article 7, was completed “in the Year of OUR Lord.”  What’s more, their reference to “our Lord” does not refer to a generic deity, nor does it refer even to God the Father.  It refers to God the Son—Jesus Christ.  So, the Framers could not have believed that references to God or Christ should be excluded from the Constitution—since they did not do so, themselves!  Yet, incredibly, on the basis of current judicial interpretation, the SCOTUS ruling on Separation of Church and state of 1947, their action was unconstitutional!

What is incredibly plain though, is the reference to the President’s responsibility for signing of laws as specified in Article I, Sect. 7 of the constitution.  It says, in part, that any Bill shall be returned by the president within 10 days (Sundays excepted). Why did they provide the exception for Sundays?   Because, from my reading of historical documents, they did not want the affairs of the state to interfere with the affairs of the church.  They encouraged the practice of religion, knowing that without a godly nation, their form of government could not last.  In fact, to this point: John Adams said it best in 1798:

“A constitutional republic cannot survive without a moral and religious foundation.”  What is meant by this is that the church and the Judeo-Christian principles were fundamental to the functions of the state.  Without them John Adams believed that the state will fail. 

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Author Malcolm McGaugh
Author Profile:

Malcolm McGough is a retired Colonel from the Australian Army who immigrated to the US in 2009.  As is evident from his commentary, he is also a Christian.

After being detained by immigration officials in 2015 for a minor paperwork error, he gained status as a permanent resident.  He is awaiting removal of Conditions (normal process) before he applies for citizenship.   Dozens of his supporters (including this editor), attended his immigration hearing in Federal Court in Hartford CT, many giving testimony on his behalf.

Since moving to the United States, Malcolm has taken an interest in politics and American History.  He is a student of the US Constitution and has worked to support many Republican candidates at all levels of government.  Malcolm is a Patriot in every sense of the word. 

He currently resides in Playa Del Rey, California and is Chief Executive Officer at Election Integrity Project California.  Prior to this he was on paid staff as California Political and Field Operations Director for Donald Trump For President and several statewide campaigns in CT, including Governor in 2014, Attorney General in 2010 and a US Senate exploratory committee in 2015.

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