Friday, January 05, 2018

Letter to the Editor - Please Support Gubernatorial Candidate Peter Lumaj

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you because Connecticut needs a drastic change in Hartford. The next governor we elect must be an advocate for fiscal responsibility and for the needs of all citizens. The budget has been used to reward crony capitalists, pad the pockets of union bosses and buy the votes of welfare opportunists. Our state is no longer a place where families can thrive, grandparents can live, or small businesses can succeed.  If Connecticut is not a place where we can retire in comfort, how can we call it home?  
If you believe, as do I, that issues such as parental rights, local control of education, healthcare choices, the right to bear arms, life, and privacy are as important to families and individuals as is the budget, please support Peter's campaign. Peter has promised to establish an Overtime Accountability Office to stop overtime abuses by state agencies that cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year, and to Reform Collective Bargaining for State and Municipal governments. He will increase economic growth opportunities for small businesses and the affluence of blue-collar workers.  He will unleash the power of liberty only found in Right-to-Work states. 

There is much to be done in Hartford. However, other candidates seem to think that the budget is our only problem.  It is the only thing they are able to talk about. Not Peter, he understands that the majority of people in Connecticut do not want Malloy's Sanctuary policies that undercut small businesses and impact the budget greatly. He will focus on public safety and enforce immigration law.  He will address the Opioid crises, created by the governor's sanctuary policies and stop the drug cartels from trafficking humans and selling Fentanyl. Many of us have family members who are addicted or dying while politicians spin a false narrative that only serves to subsidize big pharma! Yes, this is a social policy issue and a budget problem! The two are one and the same!
Please stand with Peter to protect our gun rights, real property rights, parental rights and the integrity of Connecticut elections. I believe he is the right person at the right time in Connecticut's history. Support his campaign and he will not disappoint you.

To learn more about Peter Lumaj and how you can help his campaign, visit his campaign website.

Warm regards,
Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh
Political Commentator
Radio Talk Show Host

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