Saturday, October 21, 2017

South Windsor Bobcats Take On The Manchester Indians

Many have asked, "You cover all the Middletown teams, and then, you follow South Windsor? What gives?" David Sytulek, is what gives. Dave is a product of Middletown Athletics. More like, Middletown Athletics is a product of Dave Sytulek. Dave was with Middletown High for many, many years. For some reason, Middletown let him go. It's Middletown's loss, truly. Dave has revitalized the program in South Windsor, and brought with him drive and the perpetual goal of excellence. And it shows! South Windsor is now 5-0, and tonight they take on Manchester, who is 1-4. By all accounts this should be a smashing on Manchester. So, if you've been a fan of Middletown sports, you may want to check out South Windsor, for an extra dose of sports greatness.

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