Friday, October 27, 2017

Hillary Visits RJ Julia Book Store

Main and Court Streets around 12:00
In her last book signing tour before going to prison* for her treasonous role in colluding with the Russians, Hillary Clinton paid a visit to the RJ Julia Book Store, on Main St. last Saturday for a book signing.

While she was scheduled to start signing her latest book, "What Happened?" at 11:00, early reports
indicate that a line began to form around 7:30.  By 8:00, the lineup extended south down Main St. and around the corner, well up Court St.  At noon, the line was still extended around the corner.

Enthusiasts were required to buy a ticket ahead of time and the event quickly sold out.  Although ANTIFA was rumored to have been planning to disrupt the event, they didn't materialize and the day progressed without incident.

Bookstore employee, Faith Gavin Kuhn said she was encouraged by the outpouring of support from the many young people in the crowd.

The crowd lining Main St.

Security was evident, but no Men in Black were seen.

Best legs on Main St.!
Looking toward the book store.

Um, read the shirt; 'nuf said.

*As Secretary of State, Clinton colluded with the Russian government, giving them 20 percent of America's uranium (the key ingredient for building nuclear weapons) production.  At the time this "deal" was being negotiated (2010), her husband, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000.00 by a Kremlin-linked bank, Renaissance Capital, for giving a 90-minute speech, in Moscow.

The Clinton Foundation is also known to have been given money by others associated with the nuclear deal.

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