Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stratfor - For Russia, Putin Power Is Losing Some of Its Shine

July 3, 2017

The Brief


Despite a show of strength and a charm offensive, Russian President Vladimir Putin's government is beginning to show its age. Russia is facing a dangerous protest movement against... angle 




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2017 Third-Quarter Forecast angleA Reality Check on the “U.S. Retreat” from the Global Stage, Next Steps in Trade Battles, Outlook for Global Energy Markets, A GCC Crisis and Escalating Proxy Wars in the Middle East, China's Balancing Act on North Korea, The Limits to the U.S.-Russia Dialogue...
Venezuela: A Crisis is Brewing angle 
According to unnamed Stratfor sources, the Venezuelan government has taken to keeping a closer eye on its troops. The General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence has reportedly begun to monitor...

Trouble Brews in Europe's Borderlands angle The standoff between Russia and the West shows no signs of dissipating anytime soon. Tensions have flared between the United States and... 
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Podcast: North Korea's Nuclear Standoff 
In this episode of the Stratfor Podcast, Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton sits down with Vice President of Strategic Analysis Rodger Baker to discuss the geopolitical realities behind North Korea’s nuclear standoff. angle
Russia's Geographic Challenge

Stratfor explains the geographic impetus behind Russia's need for regional dominance and its implications for global politics. angle

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Geography and the Succesful Militant Hideout
What is it that has allowed militant groups like the Taliban to evade destruction at the hands of vastly stronger forces? angle
A Geopolitical Starter Kit 
Including two of our most popular reports, this collection will jump-start your knowledge of the art of geopolitics and intelligence. angle
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