Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Old Farmer's Almanac - The Big Bug Hunt

The Big Bug Hunt

Welcome to the Big Bug Hunt 2017 international research project newsletter!
As the biggest citizen science project of its kind, The Big Bug Hunt wants to help gardeners combat pests organically. Evasive action, including using barriers such as netting, planting to avoid peak danger periods, and encouraging beneficial insects can help you to stay one step ahead.

Our plan is to build on that by developing a state-of-the-art pest prediction service, so you’ll know exactly when pests are heading your way. Imagine receiving a personalized email alerting you to take action, based on what you’re growing and where you live. This would give you the chance to protect crops naturally – no need for the spray bottle! The more bugs that you report, the sooner we can get there.

We’re delighted by the response so far. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give us their bug reports. As ever… keep them coming!
Report any bugs you've seen here..> Cabbage White on Netting

Spray No More!

Fight gardens pests without resorting to bug spray. Find out how improving your garden environment can help.


3 Effective Pest Barriers

1) Row covers/micromesh: Fine insect mesh and row covers stop all types of insects, including notorious pests such as carrot rust fly, onion root maggot and leaf miners.

2) Cabbage collars: Close-fitting discs set around your brassicas will help to protect them from cabbage root maggot. They can also help to repel slugs and snails.

3) Butterfly netting: Butterfly netting will also guard against many garden pests, including birds, rabbits and butterflies. Pick one that’s UV stabilized and it will last longer.

Pest Barriers
Hunt for bugs

Ones to Watch

Some pests concentrate on specific plants, such as this week’s troublesome foursome:
Tomato Hornworm

Tomato Hornworm

Seen on: Tomatoes, peppers, tobacco
Find out more...
Striped Cucumber Beetle

Striped Cucumber Beetle

Seen on: Cucumber, melon, squash
Find out more...
Squash Bug

Squash Bug

Seen on: Squash, pumpkins
Find out more...
Onion Root Maggot

Onion Root Maggot

Seen on: Onion, garlic
Find out more...
Learn more about these and other pests, plus beneficial bugs here.
Report any bugs you've seen here..>
Thanks for connecting with us. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form.

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