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Stratfor - Trump's 'Arab NATO' Vision is a Desert Mirage

June 02, 2017

The Brief

Donald Trump is the first U.S. president to choose the Middle East for his foreign debut. His reach, in this case, may well exceed his grasp, especially when it comes to the concept of building an "Arab NATO" to manage the region. angle




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Essential Reading
Beyond the Recession, More Problems Await Russia angleIts economy is recovering, but the recession is just the first in a litany of problems facing the country.
Venezuela, Collateral to Trump's Cuba Policy angle 
The president may soon make a call on whether to reverse his predecessor's outreach to Havana, but the consequences of his decision could have consequences farther south.

What Drives Terrorism Part 5: The Media angle 
Terrorists have always altered their behavior to best use the media to their advantage. Today, they're increasingly becoming their own media, which will continue to shape just how organizations behave.


Watch and Listen

Podcast: Crisis in Venezuela Stratfor Latin America Analyst Reggie
Thompson joins the podcast to offer some context on exactly how things are changing in Venezuela and what that country’s future looks like. Then from Venezuela, we’ll turn to China for a conversation about our latest series on Stratfor Worldview. angle
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Israel's Geographic Challenge
Linking the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central and South Asia, Iran has struggled to balance the benefits and risks of its geographic position. angle

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Stratfor Store Reports

The Geopolitics of Maritime Chokepoints  
This report explores 11 of the world's most important chokepoints, each of which plays a vital role in geopoliticsangle
Cybersecurity Basics: A Primer on Risk Management  This report will help ordinary computer users protect themselves when going online. angle
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