Monday, June 05, 2017

Oath Keepers - Portland Attacks Won't Be Stopped by Smearing Conservatives as White Supremacists

by David Codrea

Men of good will can all agree with that sentiment. So how come men of ill will then turn around and conflate those who oppose their subversion as "haters"? (TriMet/Facebook)
"Attacks like Portland's will keep happening unless we all fight white supremacy," lawyer Arjun Singh Sethi writes in The Washington Post. He was referring to accounts of multiple stabbings by a violent racist that left two dead and one injured when they stepped in to intervene against harassment of two teenage girls, one reportedly a Muslim. And, as a wade through his opportunistic screed reveals, he's dancing in the blood to reinforce cherry-picked numbers and advance the meme that "The greatest threat facing our country comes from homegrown white supremacists, not Muslims or refugees."
It happened in "progressive" Portland on a train where knives with blades over 3½ inches are banned (law enforcement exempted, of course), and the stabbing victims appear to have all been white. But if you ignore law being ignored and the reality of who was actually injured, and just let Sethi control the narrative, it feeds the real idea being promulgated - that it's Donald Trump's fault:
"Hundreds of hate groups now champion white supremacy and draw inspiration from President Trump, whose rhetoric and policies have emboldened their nativism and prejudice."
That, of course, means anyone who does not support open borders is a bigot and a xenophobe.

Much is made of the suspect's Nazi sympathies, to further bolster the "right wing extremist" smears against Americans who reject "progressivism" and instead believe in government of limited powers as delegated and enumerated in the Constitution.  The glossed-over problem with that: The Nazis were "National Socialists."  And while liars try to refute that by pointing out how Hitler was bitter enemies with communists, that struggle was over whose totalitarian vision and regime would prevail.
"It is now clear beyond all reasonable doubt that Hitler and his associates believed they were socialists, and that others, including democratic socialists, thought so too. The title of National Socialism was not hypocritical," author George Watson documented in "Hitler and the Socialist Dream ." (By way of "credentials," Watson was a "scholar, literary critic, historian, a fellow of St John's College and professor of English at Cambridge University," who, rather than being some "far right" apologist, was also, incidentally, "an active member of the Liberal Party [who] in his will ... left £950,000 to the Liberal Democrats.")
If political and media opportunists really want to play the game of blaming races and ideologies, plenty of counter-examples can be provided, including the inconvenient truth that the alleged killer appears to have been a Bernie Sanders supporter, and the only reason he's glad Trump beat Hillary was "I take the fast poison over the slow any day."

The reason for that blame game is obvious: A faction determined to culturally terraform the Republic wants to establish political control by using United States immigration policies to bring in foreigners who can be placed on a "pathway to citizenship." That's because all reliable indicators and experience shows that will give Democrats unchallengeable legislative majorities, allowing them to pass whatever edicts they like - and to appoint judges who will uphold them. And the best way to scare off or otherwise neuter critics of that policy of national suicide is to label and ostracize them as racists.

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