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Stratfor - An Invisible Curtain Falls Between Russia and the West


May 29, 2017

The Brief

The Cold War ended over 25 years ago, but the lingering Soviet specter continues to haunt the Western world. Since the election of Russian President Vladimir Putin in March 2000, a new conflict has been brewing, this time in cyberspace. angle
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Essential Reading

Turkey Builds a Military-Industrial Complex to Match Its Ambitions angleThe rise of Ankara's homegrown defense industry is impressive, but its reliance on critical foreign components means that true autonomy remains a pipe dream for now.
To Stabilize the Oil Market, OPEC Refines Its Strategy angle 
The newly extended production cut will slowly restore balance to the international oil market.

The Philippine President Declares His Intentions in Mindanao angle 
Imposing martial law won't guarantee peace in the restive southern regions, but it will doubtless stir up political controversy across the country.


Watch and Listen

Podcast: Crisis in Venezuela Stratfor Latin America Analyst Reggie Thompson joins the podcast to offer some context on exactly how things are changing in Venezuela and what that country’s future looks like. Then from Venezuela, we’ll turn to China for a conversation about our latest series on Stratfor Worldview. angle
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The United States' Geographic Challenge
Stratfor examines the favorable geography that has enabled the United States to become a global superpowerangle
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Stratfor Store Reports

Cybersecurity Basics: A Primer on Risk Management 
This report will help ordinary computer users protect themselves when going online. angle
Global Water Scarcity  As populations burgeon and climates become more arid, the issue of water scarcity is increasingly coming to the fore. angle

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